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07-12-07, 10:55

MEDIA RELEASE December 10, 2007

Human Rights and the Olympics

The China Rights Network, a coalition of human rights activist groups with deep concerns about rights abuses in China, will come to the door of the Canadian Olympic Committee next Monday to deliver a message and a challenge:

International Human Rights Day


Monday, December 10, 4:00 pm

Outside the National Office of the Canadian Olympic Committee

21 St. Clair Avenue East (150m E of Yonge), Toronto

The background:
In April, 2001 Liu Jingmin, Vice-President of the Beijing Olympic Bid Committee, stated:

"By allowing Beijing to host the Games you will help the development of human rights".
Olympic Values include: “spread the values of sport to all sections of society … find long-lasting solutions for better human development … act against any form of discrimination … promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity."

But in China today:

* democracy and human rights activists are beaten and jailed,
* local media and the internet are severely censored,
* the religions and languages of Tibetans and Uyghurs are repressed,
* Falun Gong practitioners are tortured and murdered,
* two thirds of the world’s executions take place annually.

By ignoring this human rights catastrophe, the Canadian and International Olympic Committees are ignoring the values and principles they claim to hold dear. If the COC refuses to speak out publicly it is, in effect, tolerating and even endorsing brutal repression. This is not what Canadians want.

At this Press Conference, CRN will be represented by its Chair, Michael Craig, and leaders of the organizations listed below. Dozens of CRN supporters will demonstrate their anger at COC inaction.

For further information:
Michael Craig – 416-533-3830

CHINA RIGHTS NETWORK represents: Amnesty International • Canada Tibet Committee • Falun Dafa Human Rights Association • Federation for a Democratic China • Students for a Free Tibet • Taiwanese Human Rights Association • Tibetan Women’s Association • Tibetan Youth Congress • Toronto Association for Democracy in China • Uyghur Canadian Association