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14-11-07, 00:06
The Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies

The Eighteenth Annual Nava’i Lecture in Central Asian StudiesAbandoned in a Geopolitical Quagmire: The Uyghurs of Central Asia in the Post-9/11 Era

Dr. Sean Roberts,
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Central Asian Studies
6:00 PM
November 29, 2007
Riggs Library
Georgetown UniversityReception will follow the lecture

Click Here to RSVP (http://www12.georgetown.edu/sfs/rsvp/index.cfm?Action=View&EventID=1479)The lecture focuses on the fate of the stateless Uyghur nation of Central Asia, both in former Soviet states and in China, following the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Since the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center's twin towers, the Uyghurs have virtually lost all international support for their tenuous position as a minority under siege in the Xinjiang region of the People's Republic of China. While the Uyghurs' situation in China is much like that of the Tibetans, the Chinese state's assertions that the Uyghurs' independence movement is a radical Islamic terrorist threat has meant in the present global context that the international community has more or less abandoned the Uyghurs, whose homeland is part of China bordering on the post-Soviet Central Asian states. The talk explores this abandonment in the context of the Uyghurs' difficult historical engagement with geopolitics and their position in the post-9/11 world order. The lecture's conclusions provide insights into the emergent geopolitical context facilitated by America's "Global War on Terror" as well as reflections on the persistent relevance of the nation-state in an increasingly globalizing world.

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