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Hitaylar bizning 5 qerindishimizge olum jazasi berip, yene numus qilmastin birla waqitta yene "biz digen bir chong behtlik aile" dep yalghan teshwiqat qilmaqta.

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Feature: We are one big happy family

www.chinaview.cn 2007-11-11 20:17:51
By Sportswriter Gao Peng

GUANGZHOU, South China, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- "We are one big happy family" are catchwords of the ongoing 8th Chinese Traditional Games of Ethnic Nationalities.

"We don't care how many medals we will bring home. Nothing is more important than participation, " said Hua Jiazhi, head of the Taiwan provincial delegation that represents Amoi, Taiya and Bunong people.

It is Taiwan's fifth consecutive appearance at the quadrennial games since making debut in 1991.

The Taiwan provincial team, comprised of 60 members, will take part in one medal event -- Mongolian-style wrestling -- as well as six demonstration events.

"We feel very much at home here. That's why we chose to perform to a folk song entitled 'We Are All from One Family,'" one of the middle school students from Taiwan told reporters at the reception dinner Saturday hosted by the Guangzhou municipality.

China has 56 ethnic groups, with the largest, the Han, making up 92 percent of the country's population. According to the local organizing committee, more than 6,000 athletes representing the 55 ethnic groups are taking part in the Guangzhou games.

Guli Bana, a 16-year-old high school student in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, was selected as the sports ambassador of the Uygur ethnic group.

"I am extremely excited as this is the first time that I meet so many people from other ethnic groups," said Guli, who excels at dancing and playing clarinet.

"But I'm also a little nervous not only because I'm the youngest ethnic ambassador but also because the other ambassadors are also very good. I will try to present the best of myself."

For both participants and spectators, the ethnic games are more like a multi-ethnic carnival and a demonstration of national unity of China.

The gala started with the opening ceremony at Guangzhou Olympic Stadium on Saturday evening, when members of the country's ethnic groups entertained the spectators with their own unique dance numbers and games in splendid traditional costumes.

Qiang Dan, a member of the Tibetan delegation, said he was much impressed with the opening ceremony.

"The opening ceremony was full of creative ideas," he said. "It somehow reflects the economic power of Guangdong province. I really wish today's Guangdong is tomorrow's Tibet."

His remarks were echoed by Xinjiang's Tohu Amuti, who is attending his second ethnic games.

"I was thrilled at the splendid shows by other ethnic groups," said Amuti." The games provide a platform for different ethnic groups to know and learn from each other. I hope we could strengthen ties through the games and help make our hometowns better places."

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新疆考古所有个年轻的维族绘图**??, 与同所的汉族小伙媐相爱了(可能 一起在野外工作促成的),被女方家 * ?打骂羞辱,小伙媐都不敢上街。这一 **??也够坚强,打檻也不分开,最后双 私奔北京,在北京打工、成家,估计 * ?一辈媐都不能回家乡了.