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18-03-05, 21:31
We, members of Uighur Australian Community, are very pleased to know that our heroine, Rabiya Kader, was release from prison and safely arrived in the USA. We congratulate Rabiya and her family.

We, Uighurs in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, have been calling each-others up and celebrating this great event. All of us are in happy mood.

We are very grateful to the USA government and people, the Amnesty International for their great efforts which made to release her. We hope the USA government light up the darkest corner in the world - the Uighur homeland.

We thank all of our fellow Uighurs in the USA who have been working efficiently for Uighur Cause. We ask for their help us to creat a strong Uighur Australian Association which is able to contribute for the freedom of Uighur people in East Turkistan.

19-03-05, 23:55

21-03-05, 06:29
My Greetings To All The Uyghurs In Australia