View Full Version : sound track from home land!!!

04-09-07, 15:51
dear sisters & brothers,
i am the one of you, left home far behind to seek for the future.....but when the night come, when all is quiet, there is some voice coming to me , all the sounds of the sunday bazzar in the little town, the meddah's story which i heard every long time ago when i was a child, the divane's sapaye that wake me up in the morning some time, and i could run out to give a pice of nan. the pirhun's dap, that most of us may never see or hear what it looks like or sounds like. today, i would like to share those sounds with all of you, it make me closed my eyes and went back home in my dream. when i wake up i tell myself i am not homeless, we are not lost nation and we will never lost.....our home is with us, we are with our home everysecond wherever we are.
not homeless