16-03-05, 05:41
Dear Leaders of Uighur people around the world.

I am writing this letter to express my strong concern about the situation of our compatriots held in Guantanomo, and in the light of recent news about their possible return to China will express some points to consider.

I strongly encourage our respected Uighur Government in Exile as well as all my compatriots around the world to do their best not to let people be returned back to Communist China.

In fact, I believe that this event is a very good QUIZ for our government in exile to show their real power, their real competency and careness about uighurs around the world.

I also believe that Uighur Government in Exile should definitely intervene in this process, show their power of lobby and finally influence the decision to not return Uighurs back to China.

To conclude, with all my respect to Uighur Government in Exile, me as Uighur that is seeking the better life for his compatriots in East Turkestan, will deny any justifications from Exile government regarding their artificial feebleness in this situation.

With all my respect to Uighur Government in Exile.

March 16, 2005

East Turkistan Government in Exile
16-03-05, 10:12
Eastern Turkistan Government in Exile
Eastern Turkistan Government in Exile
Eastern Turkistan Government in Exile
Eastern Turkistan Government in Exile
Eastern Turkistan Government in Exile

16-03-05, 10:41
Which Government you are talking about?
so called government wether it is an Uyghur Government or E.T Government in exile is not capable in doing such an official task since they do not have a face to knock on any doors in U.S.A.
how they can do it?
secondly they did not finish their internal fight yet. some of them have already gone to winter-sleep could possibly last years and years.

other organizations like WUC and UAA are doing their best to save them.
do not be frustrated my friend

16-03-05, 14:43
Our government has already become dysfunctional so please contact UAA and WUC in the future. Our ministers are busy painting walls, delivering Chineser food, and cooking pilaf. They have no time to care for our country. They will become real ministers only after our country is liberated by you.

16-03-05, 16:24
Saranlarning governmenti

17-03-05, 01:06
i Didnt Sleep Yesterday Since i Heared This Bad News
Brothers We Have To Do Something Immediatly

I Am Going To Be Crazy !

20-03-05, 00:35
Yes, the most important thing we Uyghurs have to do presently is once again convince the USA government that the Guantanomo Uyghurs will be killed by means of most brutal way if returned to China.

I myself completely believe that those Uyghurs will face most brutal mental and physical tortures, in the process of interogation, if returned to China. the Uighurs themselves should never agree to be returned. They will not be given a easy deaths in China. They, together with many innocent Uyhgurs, will be humilated inhumanly.

Please, all the Uighurs, in the USA, do something for it. The question is simple why China needs them? The answer: to find more and more fellow Uighurs to detain, jail, torture and kill.

I ask for UAA to make its every effort.

20-03-05, 00:56
government, pavernmenttinglini koyup axu Uyghurlarning mahpi kayturulup kitixining aldini alayli. putun gharip alliridiki Uyghurlar namayix kilayli. Biz hatta aqlikelan kilayli. UAA ularning suruxturup bizga hawerini barixini talap kilimiz. Amerikidiki putun Uyghurlar bu ixta birlikka kilip ularni amerikida ap kalayli.

Nurghun Uyghurlar biguna oldi yana ularning keynap olturulixiga karap turamizmu?
Biz zadi nima ix kilsak ularni kutkuzghili bolar.

mumkin mu?
20-03-05, 08:37
Rebiya Kadeer hanimni qoyup berip ularni hitaygha qayturupbiresh kilishme tuzimigendu?