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A.Haji Kerimi
03-08-07, 17:26
Biology commemorate 38 anniversary of the revolution commander
Abdureshid Haji kerimi
hot wood on August 23, 1969 A mutual headed by Bulgarian the armed intifada in Artux thermal card Zhu Heung enemy killed Gilmour hot wood ------ Asia is a widely-worthy memories known blood courageous woman. ) Gilmour Asian wood heat : Shule County of Kashi region of a general workers, ethnic Huis for. She was killed 22 years old. August 21, 1969 A Bulgarian inter-led armed uprising, Kashi City in order to escape the arrest. line put into action thermal Artux card Zhu rural and join in the fight. Kashi starting from the headquarters of the 25 soldiers exactly 11 o'clock arrived at the designated location. Aware of this, the CPC armed forces to stop the Mu Mu Di Khan China Qadir according to the forward line in an ambush here. Surrounded by enemies Mu Mu Di Khan China Qadir according to the soldiers and called for the surrender of weapons surrendered, brave soldiers in Khan Mu Mu Di according to the people under the leadership of Abdul Qadeer to the enemy fire, the battle going on for a very long time. A mutual Command headed by Bulgarian soldiers out of the encirclement according to the original plan to Artux card Zhu Rural heat advance. But Mu Mu Di Khan China Qadir according to the soldiers could not escape encirclement, made great sacrifices were eventually captured, Artux and locked military prison. A Bulgarian troops each other discarded from Kashi bring some heavy equipment to the car to walk forward. Two days and nights go to the mountain arrived at the designated hot Zhu www.dot.state.tx.us rural and ambushes here, the troops in drawing up the action plan after the break, 2:00 to keep up with about 130 of the CPC forces are linked to see clothes Gilmour hot Asian wood, Among the hot-wood Thomas pulled out a pistol and killed two enemy and seriously wounded moved to the platoon leader, due to excessive fatigue Theta troops until the enemy to hear the Sky-wood hot shots fired only to wake up. A mutual Bulgarian troops to immediately issue orders to enemy fire. Three consecutive repulse the enemy attack last night because of the excessive number of enemies, the Bulgarian A mutual sacrifice, ammunition exhausted. . . . . . . . . A battle among Nove, Nizar rival, Maria hot Asian wood, Osman Jiang, such as pulling the Harbor Plaza as warriors sacrificed. The rest were captured by injuries. Biology commander injuries. Guitar speed after fighting the enemy, pointing bodies, "If it were not for women opened fire on so we can capture all," Gilmour heat cut off the hand-thrown trees beside the tree hanging on the hands of the tree, year after year here Called the "hanging by the hands." Gilmour wood heat Asia's biography : Gilmour hot Asian wood lover Isla wood in November 1966 killed by the enemy, Gilmour then heat-wood to join organizations engaged in liaison work. from across the country by first-heat with wood Sky meet before they met each other A Nove, later, due to the need to engage with foreign contacts. She used the radio to contact the machines from 70 to 75 in various cities throughout the East Turkistan display.