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26-07-07, 03:09
Currently some Muslims are very frustrated by the reality, and they are sad between their beloved belief and reality. Being not able to cope with grievance and frustration, they feel little hope to live. As there are little hope to change the reality, some of them tend to destroy the world while others try very hard to live double life. The extreme form of action they are taking is suicide bombing. This form of action to relieve from grievance and frustration is taking place in war torn regions, like Middle East and Afghanistan. Some of the frustrated people tend to hurt others, like terrorism, gang fighting, mass murdering (as happened in VTeck in US) while some others tend to hurt themselves. Here let's talk about these self-destructive behaviours among Uyghurs, on abroad and at home.

The extreme form of self-destruction can be suicide which is on rise in developed world, US, and Europe.
Though suicide is not high in developing countries, but it is not unknown.

The lesser self- destruction forms are self-afflicting, self-hurting, and give in to heavy drinking and drugs. Sex is also one of the forms to relieve oneself from grieve and frustration(consider AIDS and teenage pregnancy on rise, of course not all cases). Of course, not every one can have sex whenever and wherever with anyone they want due to social, religious, and financial restrictions. For them masturbation has become a rescue(consider high sales of sex toys and porn videos, and mass profit of sex industry in western world, also in China).

As Chinese government increases its level of suppress on Uyghur culture, education, employment, business, and daily life, the number of Uyghurs who give in to drugs, sex, alcohol, and other self-indulgence is on rise and it has become one of the main social problem.

Heavy drinking, drinking everyday, smoking too much, seeking sex too often, having girlfriend without love(call them one night/month/year stand if you like), gambling, playing video games nights and days without sleep, self-afflicting pains and high number of masturbation in a single day are common behaviours of self-destructive men.

While few Uyghur females drink heavily and smoke too much, a considerable number of them do so in private. Other forms of behaviours of self- destructive females are eating too much snakes, excessive shopping, seeking too much attraction from opposite sex(like too much makeup, and too little covering of body), having boyfriend without love , seeking too much sex (also with strangers) , masturbation, and also drugs.

These behaviours are not only exist among married and employed Uyghurs, but also from university students to high school, middle school students among Uyghurs in all over China, including remote villages in Uyghur region. These behaviours give painkilling effect for a fraction of time. But this is not the end of story, it is beginning of self-destruction journey.

Asia, also China including Uyghur region (As Urumchi being host to sex works from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Chinese and also few Uyghurs ), has become top sex tourism destination in the world, for its cheap service fees and undiscovered pleasure islands. Some Uyghur men find them as a tool to relieve from frustration, anger, and sadness. So increases number of people infect AIDS and uses drugs.

These are the problems that we all know. The more we talk about these problems, the more widespread it is likely to get (consider effect of "Salam from Remote Edges of the World to Homeland" by Extem Omer in 1990s). So let's talk about solutions.

The cause of the frustration and self-afflicting can be from the suppression of Chinese government to not-stop barking of the dog of your neighbour. Let's call them the problem we are facing in our daily life. These problems are part of life. Nobody can get rid of all problems of life. Even after Uyghurs become independent, we find a good job, make lots of money, our wishes come true, there will be still problems. From a man to a nation, all have their enemies, including you, me, Uyghur people, Chinese people, Chinese government, also US government all have their enemies. Part of our strength come from our enemy. Enemy is the main force that keep you strong. The weak people usually avoid enemy, and often compromise. The greater your enemy is, the greater you will be. If you have an enemy, do not fear. It give you strength, concentrate your efforts, and give you an target to hit. If you do not have enemy, then make one.

Problems are there for you to solve, make you strong, not weak. When there is a problem, any one can make his/her own choice- be victim of persecution or be guard of justice. Your neighbour's dog never stop barking no matter whatever you give, even your own legs. The Chinese government never stop suppressing people (Uyghurs as well Chinese) no matter how much you comply to its order, even you give everything you have plus your life and your children's life. Unless you do not stand up and stop the persecution, the persecutors never stop doing what they are doing. Of course every unjust will end. But before than that, victims who comply to persecutor end first. If you stand-up against persecution, you cannot be a victim, you become guardian angle, hero, or at least protector of your own life. Do you not know, in war, bullet hits the coward first before hitting the brave? (if you believe in God (Allah), then you should know the first line of people who cast into Hell are victims , not persecutors. Because they fear persecutors more than they fear God.)

Sorry, it is a bit off the topic. So the cause of the self-destructive behaviours is emptiness and hollowness in one's inner world. You cannot fill in that emptiness even you have everything in the world if do not earn it by your work. So, if you cherish something very much, may it be freedom, pretty girl, or money, work towards earning that. If you give yourself a direction and purpose of life, actions will follow, you feel good and fill that emptiness inside you. Then you become one who cherish health, saves money, love life, and of course the one who enjoys life. Every great nation or great man become great after great wars and fights. If your enemy is great, that means you will be greater than your enemy. This is not your misfortune in your lifetime, it is the great opportunity that nobody can get after you crash the great enemy. When you die, you will be damn happy for taking the fight rather than being a victim.

So, try very hard to have a goal of life, then you live better, make more money. Also take your time to involve, support Uyghur activities around you and fight for the common cause (e.g. freedom) whether you like them, or not like them, regardless of your difference. Just like you cannot choose your neighbour, you cannot choose with whom your fight for freedom. But you can choose to join them. You go around the world, you can never find a same man as you are. So learn to do things with different people.

"A boy silenced his father by asking what he has done just to achieve his own freedom. The father could not look at his son in the eye. Since then the father is trying very hard to do a little thing about freedom in everyday before he returns to home otherwise he know that he will never be able to look at his son in the eye again" - true story of a Uyghur man in East Turkistan.

Books to reference, in daily battle and also battle for freedom, there for you at Amazom.com.
Chinese Art of War (Sunzi)
Japanese Art of War,
44 Laws of War

Strategies mentioned in these books are applicable to daily life battle, as well as political campaigns. Chinese government also using these strategies.

I personally do not suggest killing and bloodshed as our life is more expensive than our enemies'. There are always other ways to fight cost effectively. So choose your battle carefully and wisely.

Remember, if there is a will, there is a way.

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"The 33 Strategies of War"