View Full Version : High-tech exports increase, but still lag behind imports

25-07-07, 08:33
U.S. companies increased their exports of high-tech goods by 10 percent to $220 billion in 2006, but this fell far short of the $322 billion of high-tech imports into the country.

The numbers come from a new report by AeA, a technology trade association, which tracked trade flows in all 50 states. Tech exports grew in 38 states, led by Texas, California, Oregon, Arizona and Florida.

Last year was the fourth consecutive year of growth for high-tech exports, the nation's largest export industry. High-tech exports support 684,000 jobs, according to AeA. Industrial electronics and communications equipment showed the most growth among high-tech sectors.

The largest markets for U.S. high-tech exports were Europe, Canada and Mexico. The fastest-growing export markets were the United Arab Emirates, China, Sweden and Venezuela.

As for imports, high-tech was second only to energy. The largest high-tech import sectors were computers and peripheral equipment, communications equipment and consumer electronics. China, Mexico and Europe were the leading sources of high-tech imports.

"Trade is increasingly important for U.S. high-technology companies," said Matthew Kazmierczak, AeA's vice president of research and industry analysis. "The world is both their marketplace and their supply chain."