View Full Version : Uyghur spices for kebabs

24-07-07, 20:08
Kahar Aka and those others concerned,

As you know they sell in the markets of USA seasonings for various foods.

Uyghur spices for kebabs are so distinct that they cannot be matched
by other alternative spices from even the neighbouring countries like India.

In my opinion if the recipe is registered and trade marked by any Uyghur,

then they will be doing a great service in marketing Uyghur spices,
and treating the North American consumer to newer tastes...

Even the Chinese kebab makers would buy these
to give authentic taste to their merchandise...

Yad yighiche,
tukkan olghiche....



25-07-07, 09:54
have you eaten that kebabs made by chinese cock-suckers ?
Hoooooo...uuuuuu, tuuuuuuu...fiiiiiiiiiiii.