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24-07-07, 19:56
Esteemed readers of the message board,

The German Orient Studies is organizing a summer Turkology courses
in Kapadokya Turkey:

okulkapadokya@yahoo.com.tr (for further details and enrollment)

--Old Uyghur scriptures as a source of Uyghur culture

--Uyghur Manicheism and its sources

--Uyghur Buddhism and sources

--Philosophical paths in Uyghur Buddhism

are the titles of the courses offered.

Recently Manchu opinion on Uyghurs have been occupying the idle minds,

the Germans are doing great feats on Uyghur culture through Turfan researches.

It will be such a shame if one of these days the Germans publish an Uyghur German dictionary.

So let this be a call to Uyghurs in Germany ,to put this vital issue in their agenda,after all the Germans were kind and humane enough to give them asylum,

why not pay back in ways that is suitable to great Uyghur heritage.

Next year International Book Fair in Frankfurt will have Turkey as country of topic.

What a great opportunity to tell the world that the Uyghurs printed books
300 years before Gutenberg !!!!

I simply wonder which Uyghur scholar has done any research on this subject ?

Can someone please share any information available,

back home in Urumchi at the museum we have one scholar who had been in France for years but somehow it must have escaped his attention.

In Paris they have two buckets full of wooden block printing materials !!!

Forget the Manchus !

Let us concentrate on more serious stuff !!

for your information,


25-07-07, 09:35
Can you please stop your opinion about uyghur's? They are innocent.They are living their hard life without any blame or offence.So, take it easy and do your business.Okay?Do you understand?