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08-12-06, 20:03
The UAA 2007 New Year’s Celebration Party

Dear UAA members, friends, & their family members, the UAA cordially invites you to the UAA 2007 New Year’s Celebration Party.

This is once a year event that we want you all to come and join the celebration with your fellow countrymen and friends. There will be your choice of wonderful food, Uyghur music & song, and all night dance!

The 2007 New Year’s Eve celebration will be hold at the Logan’s RoadHouse Restaurant in Fair Lakes Shopping Center, Fairfax County, VA.

We are expecting 200 or more people for this party, so we advise that you do RSVP at least a week ahead of time from now on (sooner is better, will grantee you have a seat). Send your RSVP to this email address. Tell us the number of guests coming with you and their choice of meal from the menu.

The cost of the party: • Adults and teenagers over 10 years old: $20/per person • All kids under 10 years old: $10/per person

The food menu and RSVP registration link or email will be announced later on this website:

12821 Fair Lakes Pkwy
Fairfax, VA 22033 703-803-8559

Map & Direction: Please insert your home address and it will tell you your direction to the restaurant. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=12821%20Fair%20Lakes%20Pkwy%20Fairfax%20VA% 2022033

The restaurant website: http://www.logansroadhouse.com/locations.aspx


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