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22-02-05, 00:31
A Missing Uighur - Ghini Engliz

I am writing a story about a person who I met, in 1986, in Kashgar. His name is Ghini Engliz. The following is the information, which I have collected so far. I hope somebody writes more about his past and present situation.

Ghini Engliz is the first person, in Kashgar, who started learning English language after the Cultural Revolution. Therefore, he was nicknamed as Ghini Engliz. After his graduation of the universities in Kashgar in 1984, he obtained a position as a lecturer of Uighur Literature in Kashgar Teachers’ Training College. In addition to his academic work in the college, he was quite popular in the city with his English Language Courses. He got married.

He had a “problem” of telling the truth, without hiding any information, to the foreign travelers. As it was the case, the police was looking for a good reason to persecute him. At last in early 1990s, he was caught as expected and taken to Urumchi and questioned there a few years without any trial. None of his relatives had been allowed to visit him before he was sentenced as for all of any other political suspects and prisoners. He spent several years in water prison and became physically disabled. He was released at last and given a job as a cleaner at his college. Refusing to incorporate with the police, he lost his job again and went to a nearby county, Payziwat. He organized a small group of people and bought a photocopier and started to write and copy his ideas to report government’s discriminatory policy against Uighur people. Just a few days later, he was caught again and disappeared since then. Some say he was given death sentence and others say he is in prison for life.

What has happened to him and to his family? Is he alive or dead? What are the physical and mental tortures he has been faced in the long-time detention and prison? Is there any of his students in the free world who is able to tell about him?

22-02-05, 02:54
Bu adamning ahwali Halkara Kaqurum Taxkilatigha yitip barghandimu?

22-02-05, 20:53
Bu kixi toghrisida bilidighanlar bolsa.....

24-02-05, 01:17
Man uni tonuytim. u Urumchidiki qaghda su turmiga solunup kiyniliptikanmix. keyin hawirini ukalmidim

24-02-05, 11:06
Men Ghenini Urumqidiki bir ali mektep qorosida bir dostumning tonuxturixi bilen 199x(?)- yili yazlik tetilde tonuxqan idim.

U chaghdiki uning korinixi bekmu jasaretlik (America eskerliri ayighi qatarliqlar bilen) idi. birnechche kundin kiyin, U manga Kashgar nexiryati da bisilghan "English ..." kitawidin 100 dek ilip kelip okughuchilargha setip biriximni eytkan, u ozi yazghan kitap bolup, uningda dini we uyghur maqal temsillirini asas kilip tuzulgen iken. men bir kisimlirini setip pul kilip bergen idim. u urumqide 8-ayning otuurlirigiqe turdi bolghay, bir kuni saet 5-6pm lerde, yene bir eghiynimiz ata-anisi oyini koqurux uqun yardemlixiwatkanda(sen'et mektep yenidiki "Seypidin korosi"diki bir merhum ailisi) derwaza sirtige qikkanda, "Sen Ghenimu?" dep sorap ikki pukrache kiyin'gen uighur tutup ketken.

Ikki birneqqe kundin kiyin, menga tonuxturghan eghiynemni elip ketip sorak kilghan, andin uning nerse kireklirini koyghan basementni resimge elip, kaldi nersillirini mu elip kettken, yene uninggha "sen xx-qisla, Gh(yene bir) ge nimixke telephone kilding,........" digende, u: "Gh ning ayali bolmighandin kiyin xuning oyide yetip tursun, digen idim" digen

Bir kuni keqte oyge kiriximge, ikki natonux uyghur mini saklap turghan iken,oyge kirip mini soraxka baxlidi andin mendiki kitaplarni we birkisim setilghan kitaplarni kayturup ketixti. men xu qaghda uning turmidin nazaret uqun koyup birilgen, burun kashgar maarip inistitute da ixligenlikini bilgen idim.

men u toghrisidiki yukuri digenlirimni 2001-yili bir amnesty international ge email kilip bergen. Birak, Gheni toghriside hazirghiqe heq hewer yok, Huda uni salamet kighaytti.

24-02-05, 12:27
I know this person and the last time i saw him was the end of 1999?. He was lame in one of his legs and looked quite miserable. Later on I heard he went back to do his "old trick" and got arrested again. While in prison, he tried to organize some organizations and ....... too much!

24-02-05, 12:31
Actually he got divorced with his first wife and remarried in late 1990s with whom he has got a son aged now 7ish. Later i heard he was betrayed by one of his relatives and got divorced again! Poor man!

26-02-05, 21:15
(I will continue to write like below Thanks guys)

The government's mental, phisycal, social and financial pressures led Ghini Engiliz failind in his family life....

01-03-05, 01:23
Bu kixining kaqirmixliri intayin eqinixlik bolixi mumkin