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27-11-06, 19:30
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GRANT- Graduate Fellowship Program, Harvard Club of Central Asia

Posted by: Gulnur Bolyspayeva <gulnur_bolyspayeva@yahoo.com>

The Graduate Fellowship Announcement

The Harvard Club of Central Asia is pleased to announce a Graduate
Fellowship Program for 2007-2008.

The program provides an opportunity for Master's level study at
Harvard University, USA to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Participants are selected through an open, merit-based competition.

Fields of study:
Students participating in the program are expected to undertake a
full-time study at one of the following graduate schools of Harvard
University: Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Anthropology and
Regional Studies), John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard
Business School, Harvard Law School, and Graduate School of Education.

Financial terms:
Fellowships awarded under the program are fully-funded and provide the
J-1 Visa Support
One round-trip airfare from home city in Kazakhstan to Boston,
Massachusetts, USA
Monthly stipend
Medical insurance
Tuition and mandatory university fees
Limited allowance for books
Pre-academic English language training (if necessary)
Legal terms:
Under the terms of this program and the laws governing the J-1 visa,
fellows must return to Kazakhstan immediately upon completion of the
program to work at any of Kazakhstan-based governmental,
non-governmental and international organization. Fellows are not
eligible for visa extensions or transfers under any circumstances.

Eligibility criteria:
Citizens and residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan with outstanding
academic ability and leadership potential are welcome to apply.

Selection process consists of the following three stages:
1. Preliminary selection: the program applicants submit statement of
interest (not more than 500 words) and resume to the Harvard Club of
Central Asia via email: harvard.club.kz@gmail.com or fax: +7 (3272)
619 009. The deadline for submission is December 15, 2006.

The Harvard Club of Central Asia pre-selects the candidates and
informs the semi-finalists by December 29, 2006.

2. Application to Harvard University: The program applicants apply
online to one of the aforementioned schools. All instructions on how
to apply including the application forms can be accessed at
http://www.harvard.edu/admissions/#grad. In addition, the Harvard Club
of Central Asia will provide all necessary information upon request.

Since the application deadlines differ from school to school, the
applicants should check the deadlines online. All applicants are
encouraged to submit their application well before the deadlines.

Most of the schools require the submission of the test scores. The
tests must have been taken by the specified deadline for the program
to which one is applying:

The applicants will have to inform the Harvard Club of Central Asia on
the status of their admission once they receive notification from the
admission offices.

2. Final selection: The Harvard Club of Central Asia selects 3 to 5
finalists and informs them by May 1, 2007.

For questions, please contact: harvard.club.kz@gmail.com, +7(3272)
619090 (ext 5231).

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