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Uyghur News
20-11-06, 11:30
Harper touts one-on-one APEC work
Declaration's goals `reflect Canada's priorities'

But most valuable work done on the sidelines
Nov. 20, 2006. 01:00 AM

HANOI—Prime Minister Stephen Harper and 20 other leaders wrapped up the annual Asia-Pacific economic summit yesterday with warnings to North Korea to disarm, and more promises to move toward free trade in the region.

The broader goals of the final joint declaration "reflect Canada's priorities," Harper told a news conference.

But the Prime Minister said the "most valuable" work was done on the sidelines in one-on-one meetings, including a very brief encounter he had with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Harper said his meetings "advanced Canadian interests" and said he did raise the case of Huseyin Celil, a Canadian citizen jailed in China.

"As I said to the president, we always have the intention to defend human rights, especially the rights of Canadian citizens."

However, China disagreed that human rights were raised, and was unbowed by what Harper described as his "very frank" intervention that China clearly wasn't "used to" hearing from previous Canadian governments.

Liu Jianchao, a spokesman for China's foreign ministry, said the subject of Celil was "touched upon" and both sides reiterated their positions.

China's view of Celil is clear, said Liu. "We call him ... (by his) Chinese name, and we think that he is a Chinese national." As such, Beijing regards the matter as an internal criminal case, plain and simple.

Asked later about the Chinese version of what was discussed, Harper replied, "I think that depends on the definition of human rights. From time to time China doesn't consider certain issues human rights issues."

He would not say what impact he may have had on the Celil case, but the Burlington man's wife, Kamila Telendibaeva, said she "was very hopeful" and heartened by the news.

"I am very happy, and thanks to Mr. Harper. If they discussed about my husband's case, it's going to be big news for me, for my family and all the Canadian peoples because he's a Canadian citizen," she told the Star.

Told about China's response to Harper's position, Telendibaeva said her husband, 37, is now a Canadian citizen, and should be treated as such.

"He is from Uyghur people, he is not Chinese and his name is Huseyin Celil."

She said the most important thing is for Canada "to get access to him" and for China "to recognize that he is a Canadian citizen." The family does not know Celil's state of health or where he is detained. She denied what are reportedly the charges China has against Celil — that he was a separatist leader in the Uyghur province of Xinjiang.

Harper was unapologetic about his whole approach to China, and said he does not expect that his style has affected Canadian business prospects there.

He added he and Hu agreed to work on expanding a science and technology agreement but it appears he was referring to an agreement signed last year by Liberal prime minister Paul Martin.

Harper did not mention any progress on the apparent stalled status of a foreign investment protection agreement between the two countries, or the status of the "favoured tourism destination" agreement that was supposed to bring a wave of middle-class Chinese tourists to Canada.

The "Hanoi Declaration" signed by the 21 APEC leaders pledged more work to liberalize trade in the region, which represents nearly half of global trade.

As in past summits since 9/11, they vowed to "combat terrorism in every form and manifestation" and promised to work on tighter border and aviation security, and more co-operation on preventing pandemic health threats. Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet read a statement condemning North Korea's missile launches and its most recent nuclear test as a "a clear threat to our shared interest of peace and security and our shared goal of achieving a nuclear weapons-free Korean Peninsula."

The statement was not contained in the formal declaration, but Harper said the resolution on North Korea was unanimous.

The leaders here also vowed to make an effort to re-start the Doha round of global trade talks under the World Trade Organization that have bogged down in protectionist efforts over farm subsidies and industrial tariffs.


20-11-06, 11:33
Témidiki "cana", "Haper", "ald" digenlerni "Kanada", "Harper" we "aldi" dep tüzütüp oqung, yeni toghra téma:

Kanada bash ministiri Harper Hujintaw bilen körüshkende Huseyinjan mesilisini tilgha aldi

20-11-06, 12:32
bu her halda yaxshi xewerdek, likin Huseyin Jelil ependi resmiy qoyup berilgende, andin xosh bolsaq bolidighandek....

men bir nersini sorighim kilidu, bilmeymen, bilidighanlar jawap biremdu yoq.

xitay qanunida, eger xitay gerejdani chetel puxraliqigha otse, u waqtida xitayning gerejdanliqidin aptimatik halda chiqip kitidu, deydighan bir gep barmu yoq? chunki men shundaqraq geplerni anglighanmen.

yene bir gep, esimde qelishiche Turkiyede bezi dostlirimiz wetendashliqni alghandin kiyin, xitay konsuligha berip xitay gerejdanliqidin chiqip ketkenlikige ispat telep qilip alghan hem uni sheherlik hokumetke bir nusqa kopeytip bergen. uningdin kiyin bir mezgil otkuziwetip, xitay konsulidin viza elip, wetenge barghan. likin wetenge barghanda yene oxshash mexpiy soraqqa tartilghan. emma, bir nechche kunlerdin kiyin qoyup berilgen.

Huseyin Jelil mesilisi we buninggha oxshash ishlar hazirghiche yuz berip kiliwatidu we bundin kiyinmu yuz berishni texmin qilish qeyin emes. likin bu heqte teshkilatlirimiz iniq we qanunluq yollardin izdinip, xelqke yol korsitidighan bir ishlarni qilsa teximu yaxshi bolarmikin depmu oylaymen. elwette xitayning xalighanche adem soraq qilidighanliqini menmu kopchilikke oxshash bilimen. peqet diginim qanuniy meslihet....