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17-11-06, 06:45
Hi dear members of UAA, we Uyghurs really appriciate all the work you have been doing for the freedom of Uyghurs. We always support you in a direct or indrect way.
I have read an article last week about " Body shop". The compnay was started in 1970s in Britain. They article was written by the female diroctor of the company. She says that the body shop is envorimental friendly company and they do some activities to help the human rights situation of the people in different countries. So I wander if it is possible to draw their attention for donation. The diroctor of this company is a lady, The leader of oppressed Uyghurs is also a lady. May be I am talking about nothing. If I am , sorry about that. Just an idea.

17-11-06, 07:41

20-11-06, 07:13
Good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

21-11-06, 13:33
Amerika ve yavrupa elliridiki uygurlar:
Bu doletlerdiki Universitlarning okuguqi uyushmisiga Uygurlarni bir tonushturup her bir ali mektepte bir notuk sozlep Uyghurlarni aldi bilen ali mektep okuguqiliriga tonushtursak bolmamdu? Qunki ular bir kun muhim hizmetlerni tutudu. Ular belki Uygurlarnign erkinligi uqun tohpe koshushimu mumkin. Men sozleshken Yaprupadiki ali mektep okuguqiliri shundak kizikip anglaydu uygurlarning ehvalini. Qunki ular bundak bir bay mediniyetke ige milletni tehiqe bilmigenligini momus dep his kilidikin.