View Full Version : The Journey to My Homeland – Part 6

Shahriyar Mavlan
05-11-06, 01:54

05-11-06, 21:34
Good!But don't judge Gulja or uyghur people in your view!Please !

05-11-06, 23:42
Good, but it would be better if you could just LEAVE THE PICTURES ALONE and DELETE YOUR SNOBBISH COMMENTS, my little friend. :) Sometimes they really get to my nerve.

Yes, there are a lot of dirty and cheap stuff there. But don't forget your parents came from that very place you are arrogantly commenting on. I guess you have no clue how much that land and people mean to us.


06-11-06, 00:56
But friends,
Do not put too much pressure on a young man who loves his people.I think he is doing it out of love. Even you do not like it please talk to him nicely.
Remember he is still young, we need him to join our struggle!

06-11-06, 18:33
That is true! He is only a litte boy. Please everyone be nice to him and encourage him in doing such a remarkable things in his little age.