View Full Version : Enough

Hajinur Uyghur
18-10-06, 14:44
by :Hajinur Uyghur Setiwaldi

Our people you killed,
Our soldiers you disarmed,
Our land you stole,
What more do you want?

Our identity you banished,
Our hearts you crushed,
Enough what more?
Our faith? Our belief?

No you shall have neither,
Slaves you might make us,
But better slaves of God we are,
Enough I say, enough, no more.

You tormented us with death,
Worry us with threats,
Steal what all we have left,
Enough I say enough.

What evil are you?
What ignorant creature are you?
How inhumane are you?
Who are you really? Chinese.

Know you not who we are?
We are those once great,
Once fierce, once known,
We are the Uighurs, sons of the Huns.

It was we, who caused,
the building of your wall,
your ancestors build that in the past,
but in the future what can you build?

Nothing, you can’t build anything,
This time we have our faith,
Our God who watches over us,
Allies who eager to rid your evil.

Now you not that you will pay,
Pay for the evil crimes you have committed,
One day you will pay and all will see.
Then your terror will be known to all.