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07-07-19, 18:29
New Information about Uyghurs in East Turkestan—News Brief (6)

I received some new information from our homeland through several “middle persons” during the last few days. Here is what I learned:

(1)_Late last year, the government of “Xinjiang” carried out a one-day top-secret operation on the Uyghur children in so-called “orphanage centers”. In this operation, local officials put the selected smart and good-looking Uyghur children with ages ranging from about 3 to 17 into buses during a night, brought them near cremation facilities that have been built in close vicinities of all the major concentration camps, and forced them to drink milk-like white-colored liquid. After drinking the liquid, the children died right away at the spot. Then their bodies were burned in the cremation facilities the whole night. The reason of this operation is, the number of the Uyghur orphan children grew tremendously, and the local government did not have the finance to keep them alive. One statistics shows that the number of Uyghur orphans grew at a rate that is 18.6 times bigger than the national average in China.

(2) We have learned a large number of Uyghur children held in children camps in East Turkestan have been transferred to Han provinces, and some of them have been deliberately sent to companies or businesses that do children sex trade or run children sex facilities. According to a USA Today report on 30 Jan. 2018, “More than 1 million children, according to the International Labour Organization, are exploited each year in the commercial sex trade [1].” It is believable that now tens of thousands Uyghur children are becoming the victims of such commercial sex trade in China. It was reported in New Tang Dynasty TV webite on 28 June 2019 that a group running children sex business has recently been discovered [2].

[3] One of the booming business in China is the sale of human breast milk [3]. Guards in Uyghur concentration camps now rape or gang rape young Uyghur female detainees at will. Also, as I reported in my News Brief #5, many large concentration camps already started sex business inside the camps involving outside male customers and young Uyghur female detainees. When Uyghur females got pregnant, some sent back home, and others were allowed to give birth to their children. After giving birth, their children are being taken away and we don’t know what happens to those children. But their mothers are forced to give breast milk. And the milk are being shipped to Han provinces to sell as commercial product. According to Ref. [3], the breast milk is sold for $22 per 250ml.

[4] Starting from 2016, the local government of Toksun County took 2 types of bloods from their Uyghur population. The first type is for the collection of DNA and other bio-information. This type of blook was taken in a small amount. But the second type was taken to use as blood plasma. Each Uyghur’s blood was taken up to 6 times per month in this case. Plasma is used to treat different kinds of serious health problems [4], and Uyghurs’ blood plasma is being used to make commercial health products in China.

[5] In Kashgar Beshkerem Township, the 70% of the Uyghur population has been put in concentration camps or prisons.

[6] The famous Uyghur female singer Reshide Dawut was released from a concentration camp a few months ago, but she has not been normal since she released—She became mentally disordered. She speaks non-stop to herself on Urumchi’s streets.

Note: All of the above information was given to me by some of my acquaintances, and they got the information from their friends in East Turkestan or in other Han provinces. The people who are providing such information are risking their lives in doing so, because all the info related to the Uyghurs in East Turkestan is top state secret in China, punishable with a death sentence. I have not confirmed the above info independently by myself, and I have no means to do so. China is hiding their serious crimes against humanity in East Turkestan, and that is why they keep the door of East Turkestan is completely closed to the outside world.

Photo: After attending a demonstration in front of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco on July 5, 2019.

Erkin Sidiq
July 5, 2019

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