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29-06-19, 01:43
Latest News from Our Homeland (5)

I received some new information from our homeland through several “middle persons” during the last few days. Here is what I learned:

(1)_In my newsletter dated 19 June 2019, I stated the following: “Some detainees in various concentration camps were divided into 6 groups. “The most serious criminals” were put in Group 6, and “the least serious criminals” were in Group 1. Then they were given jail sentences. The prison terms of Group 6 ranged from 15 years to death. The other groups were given less jail sentences than Group 6.” I have learned the names of 3 such groups: “Chang guan” (长关, long-term incarceration, Group 6), “yan guan” (严关, severe incarceration, Group 5), and “fu guan” (附关, light incarceration, Group 1), where the Chinese characters are my guesses.

(2) Recently, an image of a computer screen shot was posted in social media. It displays a table with Chinese characters and numbers. “New Chinese” (新唐人) put out a report about this image, with content something like this: One portion of the table listed a “Special colony group”. The total number of this group is 4,475,666. Among them, the number of Uyghurs is 4,459,687, and that of Han Chinese is 339. The image displays a date of 16 March 2017. It was speculated by some responders that those Uyghurs were all locked up later in concentration camps. It shows that the number of the Uyghurs detained in concentration camps far exceeds the currently reported number of “close to 3 millions”.

(3) With the increase of financial burden in concentration camps, local governments have set up special facilities in all large concentrations, started doing new businesses such as organ harvesting business and prostitution business, where the young Uyghur female detainees are forcefully brought into some special rooms inside their camps to have sex with government “customers”. When some females became pregnant from such operation and gave birth to children, the officials took away their babies and used the mothers as “milk-giving mothers to adults”. That is, the officials sold their milks to adult Han Chinese customers to make money. These practices are still going on today.

It is a well-established theory that a government changes a cultural genocide to a physical genocide when the former becomes too costly, or the available financial resources can no longer handle the need of the cultural genocide. I believe this is happening now to the Uyghur people in East Turkestan: I have learned that the foods in concentration camps became much worse now than about a year ago, and Uyghurs detainees are dying by large numbers due to stomach cancers.

Dear world, how many more Uyghur lives need to be lost before you wake up to the Chinese government!

--Erkin Sidiq. 28 June 2019