View Full Version : logic behind nobel literature price

13-10-06, 17:33
the recent award given to writer Orhan Pamuk,
did not really make the Turkish people happy.

the price of the award was self and country denial of the author
of many not so extraordinary works.

he voiced the views of his sponsors,
who seem to have further plans
to wipe Turkey out of the map;

says many communication groups on the net.

on the other hand,
recent announcements of French president,
and their aims to pass new laws in regard of armenians

and protection of kurds by the USA

and other european nations
who want to curb Turkey....

what is important in this case is
that if politics is involved in a supposedly objective nomination,
then the smell is unbearable....

the old days are gone,
it is not easy to convince people any more

if some people are nominated for such grand awards,
they must have the core to be eligible for many more other awards,

one blooming flower is not enough,
to convince people
that it is spring season now !!!!!!

Orhan Pamuk is not popular in his own country,
because of what he has said in europe
against the interests of his country...

so it is only nations who use him,
gave him the reward for selling his country.....

there is always another side to the flipped coin.....

let us not make great fuss about such rewards
which became notorious already
because of its political bent and manipulation...

German proverb meaning do not believe what you see ...

after september 11th,
some Uygur friendly nation declared Uygurs a terrorist group

and the lesson has not been taken

nor digested yet....

Let us find a different chewing gum,

because the one that is being used is stale already....

in life one may somehow find oneself at the peak,
it becomes more difficult to stay up there,
if one does not have the prerequisites
and has not come there out of his own labours and sweat.

a friend of us is very generous in comparing one thing with another,
but as a rule one cannot compare apples with oranges....

although they both are fruits,
the taste of each is different....