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13-10-06, 14:09
It seems that,
with me,when it rains..
it showers.....

My visit to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region this september 11th !!!!
after four years has been very prosperous..

ELHAMDULILLAH - Praise be to the Allah (Lord Almighty-bible)

Retired director of Xinjiang Islamic Institute Muhammed Salih Haci,

who was introduced to the world by an informative brochure:
Religion in Xinjiang - published in a few different languages
by the government of China

is one of the scholarly strong columns of
the Islamic cultural world in Mashreq
- the most east of the islamic faith.

His translation of the Holy Kuran into the Uygur language,
is not only a superb gift to the world of Islamic culture
but also a great feat enabling the Uygurs
to understand and practice the way of Islam
in their own language.

(unfortunately some brutally business minded people
have copied Holy Kuran's Uygur translation on CDs
and marketing them and gaining HARAM profits
without paying copy right fees...)

In 1999 when I was interviewing Mr.Salih ,
he briefed his CV in classic Arabic
which won the admiration of IRCICA board members in Yildiz Sarayi-Istanbul
when shown from the documentary video film.

He had presented two copies of his translation of Holy Kuran,
which today is in the IRCICA library in Istanbul,
along with a Holy Kuran in Chinese language.

This year I have the pleasure of adding more of his works
to IRCICA library and other concerned institutions of the world.

KAMUS -Arapche Uygurche lugat - Arabic Uygur dictionary
published several years ago has already impatient followers
demanding for volume two,

Arapche Uygurche kiskaca lugat - an abbreviated version of the kamus

XARK YULTUZLARINI IZLEP Islam tarihideki mexhur ayallerning hayati

following eastern stars -lives of famous women in islamic history

this book is compiled by his daughter Nazire Muhammed Salih.

YAHXILER BAHCESI -hadisi sherif

GARDEN OF THE GOOD - hadith by Buhari a great contribution to Islam,
and an important reintroduction to the Uygur language.

2005 was the 100th anniversary of Kashgarian Mahmud,
author of the great body of work DIVAN-I LUGAT IT TURK;
at the commemorative seminar held in Kashgar last year;
esteemed Mr.Salih has presented new views in interpreting
Mahmud Kasgari's work and
bringing new light comparing other cultural influences
of the time period concerned and while doing so exceeding his time limit
of fifteen minutes speech into 45 minutes with eafer consent of the participating scholars and academicians present.

This presentation is published in
on page 59 : Turki Tillar Divanining tuzulux alahidiliki
ve tarihi arka korunuxler togrisida (15 pages !!!)

For those who may not know Mr.Salih,
he has been a professor of physical sciences for 25 years,
and metaphysical sciences up until now.

His kasides - poems in Arabic ,has been rewarded by heads of states
of arabic nations.

It is with great honour and pleasure that
we are introducing his important scholarly contribution
to the entire world.