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01-06-19, 18:38

01-06-19, 19:21
During the trade war between China and US, there are a bunch of Jews who are involving in it, taking different sides, and are playing a crucial role in information war. while some of them have written articles about China’s Uighur issue and are criticizing Xi Jinping government,There are still some Jewish Guys who are supporting China’s every attempt to take down the US foreign policy.one of them is Nathan Rich, a Jewish US citizen who is also a technical executive at a Beijing-based company. he said “The use of the word ‘camp’ or ‘concentration camp’ has a negative connotation in English, which directly invokes imagery of Nazis and Nazism,” during the interview with Global Times.

For Rich, himself a Jew, drawing parallels between Nazism and the Chinese government is “totally insane.”

“It’s very strange – it’s just an overt attempt to use suggestive propaganda,” Rich said.

“Nazis murdered Jews who had done nothing wrong, but in Xinjiang, the regional government only tries to limit the actions of those who have committed crimes or are suspected of terrorism,” he said.

__Global Times report.

Recently Rich has became more active on Huawei issue.

It seems Jewish transnational financial capital is supporting China for real rather than supporting Trump’s stupid foreign policy.

Global Times also reports, 2019, the one-day China-Israel Investment Conference, is held in Jinan, E. China’s Shandong Province on Tue. Over 110 Israeli firms in the high-tech area are seeking investment in China via the event. More than 1,800 Chinese investors attend the conference.