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28-01-05, 13:30
2004 White Paper on National Defense Published
The State Council Information Office published on 27 December 27 2004 a white paper entitled China's National Defense in 2004. The document, composed of 10 chapters and seven appendices, describes China's national defense policies and army's modernization process. This is the third white paper that the Chinese government has issued since 2000 about China's national defense. The full text of the white paper follows:

China's National Defense in 2004


Chapter I. The Security Situation

Chapter II. National Defense Policy

Chapter III. Revolution in Military Affairs with Chinese Characteristics

Chapter IV. Defense Expenditure and Defense Assets

Chapter V. The Military Service System

Chapter VI. National Defense Mobilization and Reserve Force Building

Chapter VII. Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense

Chapter VIII. The Armed Forces and the People

Chapter IX. International Security Cooperation

Chapter X. Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation


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