View Full Version : Den Haag Protest against Chinese CPC Camps in East Turkestan

05-07-18, 15:27
A Protest against Chinese CPC camps in East Turkestan
The Hague / Den Haag

Chinese oppression in the land of the Uyghurs has been escalating in recent times. The Communist Party of China CPC now even started to build so called re-education camps and detained over a million innocent people in East Turkestan. Reports state an unknown number of people have been killed in these camps,

Uyghurs are a risk to the cohesion of the dictatorship in the oil rich region of Xinjiang,
so they must be kept where they can be controlled and beaten,
itís well organized by the Party.

Therefore we are planning a protest to ask for attention to the cause of the Uyghurs at the geographical centre of Dutch politics, to criticize the responsible Chinese government for mistreating the people in the North West of China, officially called Xinjiang. These are the Uyghurs, Kazakhs and others who have been detained and arrested for just being a citizen of China.

Chen Quanguo, Xi Jinping, end this now!

Location: At the House of Representatives, The Hague / Tweede Kamer, Den Haag
Between Hofplein and Lange Poten
Date and Time: To be announced soon

Dutch activists for Uyghur lives