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02-10-06, 21:03
Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Chinese cultural group arrives Tuesday

THE excitement builds up for the arrival of the world renowned premiere national cultural group from the People's Republic of China on October 3rd.

Heading the welcoming party at the Lumbia airport is Councilor Benjo Benaldo, who in behalf of Mayor Vicente Y. Emano and the City Government will give the sumbolic key of the city to the visiting ambassadors of goodwill.

Performing live at the Atrium of Limketkai Center 7pm on October 4th, 2006, the 60-man entourage comprises musicians, authentic Shaolin monks, cultural dancers, contortionists, stunts, and other uniquely skilled performers selected from all over mainland China by the Ministry of Culture in Beijing.

According to Mr. Greg Marten Lao, the president of the Filipino-Chinese Amity Club of the city, one of their special performance is a rendition by singer Ai Erken Uygar. He is believed to have a very unique voice for he hails from Kashi City, Xin Jiang Province in the China-Russia border. Inspired by the sound of the wilderness and the beautiful expanse of the landscape in the region, he imitates the sound of nature while dancers mimic the movement of grass and nature.

His album Daoland Goung Out Desert was awarded Best Musical Record and won the Best Masterpiece in the Shanghai Music Festival among Asian new singers. Daolang's Xin Jiang Uygur music style is distinctive. His VCD and DVD music records are released throughout China.

Lao added that gracing the group with her esteemed presence is the beautiful Miss China 2003 and Miss Universe World Pageant finalist Miss Zhang Huijun as the female master of ceremonies.

A popular VJ at CCTV-3 the music television channel of the People's Republic of China, Miss Huijun is excited to meet new friends in the Philippines.

Tickets (P300, P500, P1,000 and P1,500) are available twenty four hours a day at The Park Cafe and other select hotels, restaurants, and establishments around the city, For inquiries please call the ticket hotlines 854-8888, 71-8888, or 0917718-9888.

(October 3, 2006 issue)


03-10-06, 05:05
Uygar ==> Uyghur
Uygur ==> Uyghur
Xin Jiang Province ==> East Turkistan (Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region)
Ai Erken ==> Erkin