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19-03-18, 09:00
My congratulations to those individuals who spent months of their valuable time and worked so diligently and tirelessly planning and organizing this worldwide protest. I especially want to thank those from the younger generation such as Ms. Irade, who from day one was a lead organizer for this historical event.
These brave ladies have surmounted their fears of the Chinese governmentís retaliation or persecution of their loved ones. They worked so hard so that the world could see or hear what is going on to our brothers and sisters back home. What an accomplishment the protest organizers have done here. They are truly heroes!
What is disappointing about the protest is that so many individuals from home who came to the US as an asylee missed out on this historical moment. I have seen more crowds of folks coming to a single familyís nazir than to this worldwide human rights protest that was in the planning for months.
You may have solid reasons for not showing up at the United Nations on March 15th,20018 to stand up for your own people. I understand that we all have families, friends, children and secure jobs. But if the reason you did not come is because of fear, my question is why you chose to be an asylee in the first place. I think if you donít speak out in public against the Chinese regime, you really donít have an asylum case.
As you already know, an Asylee is an alien in the United States or at a port of entry who is found to be unable or unwilling to return to his or her country of nationality, or to seek the protection of that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution.
You may already have received your green card or even citizenship, but donít forget you are always going to be an asylee. You have already protested against China and made your statement with the help from others against the Chinese regime. Why canít you do the same to help those who need our voices?
Because of those who have sacrificed their lives or those who are on death row or those who are in Chinese prison, you made your case here as an asylee. Therefore, you have a debt to those people and you have a debt to your homeland.
If you canít stand by the truth to support the cause and show the world how the people in Eastern Turkistan have been suffering under the Chinese regime, then what you told the judge in the court or your testimony was not true.
You might be a well-respected professional, living in a big house, driving a big fancy car, but without basic human dignity, it all means nothing! In our language it is Vijdansiz!!!!!!

19-03-18, 11:52
It seems you do!!!!!!! The truth does hurt, doesn't it?

NO ONE GIVES A SHIT about your thoughts!!!