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29-09-06, 04:17
A Uyghur Farmer’s Income

A typical Uyghur farmer, in the southern part of “Xinjiang”, has a total of 6*660 square meters cultivable farmland. I calculated the following total annual income for the average family.
Most majority of the income comes from wheat.

Wheat Expenditures:
Sowing ¥100
Chemicals ¥400
Seeds ¥50
Water ¥360
Tractors and machine hire ¥500
Total ¥1410
Income from Wheat
Wheat grains 2500
Straw ¥1000
Total ¥4000
Other Incomes
Cattle and sheep ¥500
Fruit and veg. ¥500
Total ¥1000
The Total Annual Income of A Uyghur Farmer Family ¥5000-¥1410=¥3590
This is the income of a typical Uyghur family who has an average of 6 members. Each one lives on $75 income each year, this includes food, clothing and winter heating etc.
A ton of coal $90
A day in a hospital $200
A in the University $1200

A poor farmer earns much less. The Uyghur farmers are not able to move to other places as Chinese immigrants occupied vast land and water.

29-09-06, 04:19
That is exactly what my parents earned last year