View Full Version : Government job for engineers-Chinese degree is Ok

02-02-18, 20:02
if you have a bachelors degree in US or China, there are numerous job openings at New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJ DOT). many older engineers are retiring due to a change in the state pension law, leaving hundreds of vacancy.
if your degree is from China or any other foreign country, you need to get your degree evaluated by World Education Services (wes.org).
website of NJ DOT: http://www.state.nj.us/transportation/

02-02-18, 20:13
the link opens the homepage of njdot. it has link at the left side the page “employmen opportunities” highlighted in et flag color. click on the link to see the job listings. you can get your graduate degree while working if you want and the state pays for it. if you are in the third year of your college, they have oppennings for part time jobs. You can finish your degree while working.
there is no age restrictions.