View Full Version : We need to seek justice for our innocent relatives in Chinese detention.

24-12-17, 02:34
Uyghur people who live outside China must contact human rights lawyers in their countries of residence and seek justice of our relative detained or imprisoned illegally by Chinese authorities.

24-12-17, 03:08
In the last couple of years:
Hundred thousands of Uyghur smart phone users have been arrested through checking mobile phones at checkpoints. The downloaded historic poems, personal injustice, report and comments on incidents, any religious materials, photos of jailed personals, ...

Thousand of people have been jailed for talking against government policies, visiting middle eastern and central Asian countries, sending money to relatives in Turkey...

Any others?

Also thousands of people who have extreme religious ideas have been in detention, but these people might need to be in detention or closed reeducation centers to be de-radicalised.