View Full Version : Xinjiang Military Command holds drills on Kala Kunlun Mountain

18-09-06, 12:42
Xinjiang Military Command holds drills on Kala Kunlun Mountain
A unit of Xinjiang (http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/data/province/xinjiang.html) Military Command named "Heroic Tianshan Contingent" holds drills around Kala Kunlun Mountain, from early August to early September.

The unit of Xinjiang Military Command organizes complex battle groups to overcome difficulties such as hot weather, dust storms and oxygen deficiency. The unit crosses Daban City, traverses the glacier, and climbs the 5,100-high hinterland of Kala Kunlun Mountain with motor vehicles.

This unit sets up a mock war environment in the hard and strange terrain of Kunlun Mountain, aligning troop deployment to practice tactics.

The unit, comprised of soldiers with different military specialties, completes a storming and capturing drill that includes a single soldier, a single vehicle, armored troops and infantry. This enables the unit to acquire precious first-hand data that increases the troops' ability to battle on high, cold mountain areas.

The unit has set ten Chinese records: for the largest combination of military job specialties, the greatest distance traveled, the greatest distance traveled into the hinterland of a plateau, the highest latitude of drills and the lowest incidence of disease on the plateau.
The unit's records have won it praise from Lanzhou Military Command and Xinjiang Military Command.
By People's Daily Online