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Hajinur Uyghur
17-09-06, 15:04
Bundle of Sticks

by: Hajinur Uyghur Setiwaldi

We people, are like the sticks in a wood,
individually we are broken easily,
but in a bundle, we are hard to break,
now will you not take lesson of that?

Ey, My Uighurs does a bundle of sticks outsmart you,
had you been like the sticks bundled tighter despair would not have buried us.
And what people we are to divide, leaving another in the enemy’s trap.
Eh, my Uighurs had you been like the bundle of sticks.

Had we stuck together when the enemy attacked,
had we marched hand in hand to stop them.
had we stood by our neighbor defending our homes,
had we been like the bundle of sticks.

See, even sticks have a lesson to teach you,
they could do what we did not do.
Shamed are you not my poor Uighurs,
shamed that a stick can outsmart you.