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20-01-05, 18:59
Kazakh diplomat shot in Pakistan

A diplomat from Kazakhstan has been shot and critically wounded in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

Sapargali Aubakirov, a deputy counsellor at the Kazakh embassy, was shot in the head at his home on Tuesday night and was in a coma, police said.

They said the wounded diplomat was found on Wednesday morning and that nothing had been stolen from the home.

A BBC correspondent at the scene says police believe the attack was a criminal rather than political act.

'Car missing'

Ehsan Sadiq, superintendent of the Islamabad police, said the diplomat's servant had left the house at 1900 on Tuesday and returned on Wednesday at 0700 to find the house locked.

He contacted embassy officials who broke into the home and found the wounded diplomat.

Senior Islamabad police official, Mehboob Aslam, told the Associated Press that police were investigating whether the diplomat had quarrelled with people who were visiting him on Tuesday night.

Another police official told the AFP news agency a single bullet cartridge was found, but no weapon. The diplomat's car was also missing, they said.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Tahir Ayub told Reuters there was nothing to indicate an act of terrorism.

But asked if it could have been suicide, he said he could not rule it out.

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