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12-09-06, 11:25
China questions nomination of 'secessionist' for Nobel Prize

Beijing, Sept 12: China on Tuesday strongly questioned the intentions of those who nominated "secessionist" Rebiya Kadeer for the coveted Nobel Peace Prize after a court in the communist nation sentenced her for leaking state secrets and endangering national security.

"Rebiya is a member of East Turkistan Islamic Movement," Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters.

Rebiya was arrested because of endangering national stability and was sentenced, he said, commenting on reports that the Muslim businesswoman-turned human rights activist has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

"At present, she connives with the terrorist forces abroad and engages in anti-China secessionist movements, attempting to separate Xinjiang from China. Her activities and words are aimed at attempting to destroy and undermine the peace and stability of the Chinese society. It runs counter to the Nobel Peace Prize process," Qin said.

"We would like to know the intentions of those persons who have nominated her as one of the candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize," the spokesman said.

Kadeer, 58, an ethnic Uygur jailed for over five years in china for providing state secrets to foreigners before her exile, won a Rafto Prize for human rights in Norway in 2004.

"Rebiya Kadeer champions the rights of Western China's Uygur Ethnic Group and is one of China's most prominent advocates of women's rights," Swedish parliamentarian, Annelie Enochson wrote while nominating Kadeer for Nobel Award.

Rebiya was formerly a member of the top advisory body to China's Parliament but antagonised the ruling communist party and was arrested in 1999 while on her way to meet US Congressmen visiting Xinjiang. She is currently the president of the Uygur American Association.