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12-09-06, 06:44
City talk to focus on plight of 'forgotten nation'
THE routine abuse of a Muslim community in China is to be highlighted in the Capital.


The Uighur people live in the Xinjiang region of China and many of them oppose Chinese government rule.

A representative of the Uighurs will travel to Edinburgh to tell his people's story of abuse at the hands of the Chinese authorities.

The Amnesty International event - entitled "Forgotten Nation: Uighur Muslims in China" - takes place in the press room at the Scottish Parliament on September 13 between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

Amnesty 's programme director for Scotland, Rosemary Burnett said: "Amnesty International supports engagement with China if it is viewed as an opportunity to hold China to account for its human rights record and if the relationship is not to the detriment of the population of China."

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