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06-09-06, 22:40
A Uyghur Farmer’s Income

A typical Uyghur farmer, in the southern part of “Xinjiang”, has a total of 6*660 square meters cultivable farmland. I calculated the following total annual income for the average family.
Most majority of the income comes from wheat.

Wheat Expenditures:
Sowing ¥100
Chemicals ¥400
Seeds ¥50
Water ¥360
Tractors and machine hire ¥500
Total ¥1410
Income from Wheat
Wheat grains 2500
Straw ¥1000
Total ¥4000
Other Incomes
Cattle and sheep ¥500
Fruit and veg. ¥500
Total ¥1000
The Total Annual Income of A Uyghur Farmer Family ¥5000-¥1410=¥3590
This is the income of a typical Uyghur family who has an average of 6 members. Each one lives on $75 income each year, this includes food, clothing and winter heating etc.
A ton of coal $90
A day in a hospital $200
A in the University $1200

A poor farmer earns much less. The Uyghur farmers are not able to move to other places as Chinese immigrants occupied vast land and water.

08-09-06, 01:24
Most to the Uyghurs have been made farmers and left poor

09-09-06, 01:40
Most of the Chinese people in "Xinjiang" are government officials, state owned company workers, the state owned Construction and Production Corp. people. Their incomes are protected by the state. They have much higher incomes and the state provides them with health insurances, winter allowance, education allowance etc. On avearge, they earn 5-10 times more.