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Hajinur Uyghur
04-09-06, 22:23
Modern slavery

by: Hajinur Uyghur Setiwaldi

Some say slavery no longer exist,
not even by the Chinese.
Let me tell you something you missed,
slavery exits, especially in Chinese.

To this day and proceeding it’s forced,
many beings must work for nothing.
Not because it’s their likes,
but because by the enemy it’s enforced.

They wake early in the morn,
to be worked, slashed, and torn.
Had they a choice they’d run,
but it was threat from the foe.

They were worked day to night,
and no not a bread crumb was given.
Nights they did their own work,
to bring to the table something to bite.

Times they have not even a crumb,
times they starve at their own table.
Sometimes their children’s belly groans,
Oh the morons, the groans.

Because they slave all day,
they can’t give their child and education,
They can’t even stop from dying,
Dying on the steps of the hospital.

Sure they look poor in front of the others,
poor and tattered in the eyes of the other folks.
They can’t buy something new to wear,
they’re lucky if they got something to wear.

Sometimes it gets so bad and hard,
they’re forced to flee,
flee from the homeland,
they enemy claims as theirs.
Flee from Eastern Turkistan.

Misfortunate, you could say,
but sun’s ray defines them better.
Yep, the good sun’s ray,
eager to rid from the brutal dust.

Now they’re human beings,
just like you and me.
only they got freedom’s name,
tapped to their heartstrings.

The poor Uighurs worked,
day forced to the enemy’s work,
night to feed their own belly.
Would the days ever end?

They call this modern slavery,
I think.
A few months work for nothing,
but to those of the Chinese communist.

Maybe when somebody stand,
when they read my piece,
maybe when slavery falls,
maybe then human rights withstand.