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57 Years of State Terror

Uinsan (Australia)

The tyrannical Chinese government is celebrating its 57th anniversary and portrays itself as the only party which is able to save the country from split, chaos and poverty. However, it has been proven, from historical true facts, that the 57 years of communist rule has always been against humanity and human nature; it has always been a political game whose actions contradictory to its attractive theory; it has been a history of genocide, destruction, discrimination, confiscation and disloyalty towards its people especially its ethnic minorities. This brutal regime has been making Uyghurs, who are indigenous to so-called Chinese Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, are the most distressed people in the world.

The communist government has always been brutal towards any type of opposition in Uyghur homeland. Killing, jailing and exiling of formers members of East Turkistan Republic had been continued in 1960s and 1970s. In 1960s, more than 60 thousand indigenous people, in the north part of Uyghur homeland, fled to former Soviet Union as refugees and the rest was stopped by the Chinese armies and subsequently persecuted severely.

In the 1980s, a little hope was given for Uyghurs under the presidency of Hu yaobang, as he declared that the Beijing government was giving complete and true autonomy to Uyghurs and Tibetans. However, the enemies of freedom were succed over him. In 1990s, the communist government started its brutally again with slogans such as “ethnic separatism and illegal religious activities are the main cause of political instability and danger in Xinjiang”. It clearly aimed to oppress Uyghurs.

After the 11 September Terrorist Attack in the USA, the Chinese authority quick to use the chance as an excuse to destroy Uyghurs culture, to make the Uighurs unemployed, homeless and finally slaves. Uyghurs have been killed openly and secretly, brutally tortured, made to oppose the government then executed; they have been deprived from each single human right and human pride. The recent Amnesty International report on the execution of 50 Uyghurs in the last 8 months is the only a small part of the oppression; it is only a small percentage of Uyghurs killed by Chinese authorities. The strict media control about the detainees and on the details of executed means that there is no fairness in the trial. There are many young Uighurs who are tortured to death in prison and falsely told their families as they die with cancer or natural diseases. Hajigul, a Uyghur woman of her 50s was suspected of being got involved with anti-government activity and detained with her husband in a village of Akto in late 2002. Her husband was sentenced for 3 years and she was released a few months later with no charge against her. However she was severely tortured in the prison and died in mid 2003. There are many who have been tortured so inhumanly that they neither alive nor dead. In the prosecution of Uyghur political suspects, no Chinese law has been respected; there are no any legal procedures, no lawyers. As it is the case, the communist government makes details of its illegal and inhuman punishments as “national secret” and prosecution of those people who got involved in revealing those “secrets” to outside world severe.
There are thousand of Uyghurs who are in jails because of pure political reasons have never been known to western world. Abdugheni was a lecturer at Kashgar Teachers’ Training College since his graduation in 1984. As he was the first person studied English in Kashgar he was given a nickname as “Gheni English”. He became very popular in the city with his English Language Courses. However, he had a “problem” of telling the truth, without hiding any information, to the foreign travelers. The authority was looking for a good reason to prosecute him. Eventually, in early 1990s, he was caught as expected and taken to Urumchi and questioned there several years without any trial. He spent his detained years in water prison and was tortured so badly that he became a hopeless person. He was released at last and given a job as a cleaner at his college with a condition of cooperating with the authorities in detaining political suspects. Refusing to incorporate with the national security police, he lost his “job” and went to a nearby county. He organized a small group of people in a village armed with a photocopier to copy and report against government’s unfair policies. He was detained again and since then disappeared for good. Some people say that he was given death sentence, and some say life sentence. Nobody knows his whereabouts.

Most of the Uyghurs executed, with the charge of “making illegal weapons”, are the young Uyghurs formerly detained and severely tortured for their peaceful opposition such as attending a gathering to criticize government policy. When they are released with trauma, and in addition to the police disturbance, most of them become hopeless and unable to have a normal life. As it is the only way some of them decided to die with dignity. That is the only way the Chinese authority to give them. Only the communist government is responsible for both the “crime” and “charge”.

Uyghurs suffer because of cultural genocide. Uyghurs are rich in cultures and contributes to the enrichment and developments of world cultures. The complete banning of Uyghur language, in higher education and in most government offices, the severe restrictions in believing and practicing religion for all levels of students and all government officials, destroying Uyghur traditional houses and orchids, discouraging and non availability of government finances for traditional sport activities and traditional medicine, mass change and destruction of Uyghur heritage and cultural cites, restrictions and censorship in publications, are the examples of cultural genocide. The use of Uyghur language, in higher education, has been banned since January 2003. Responding to the unlawful government order, textbooks, reference materials, and most of the journal and magazines in Uyghur language are stopped being published; department names, slogans and signs have been eradicated; translating and interpreting services are stopped. The result is the collapsing of Uighur higher education; students are needed to concentrate on learning Mandarin rather than their subjects. Any types of suggestions and oppositions against language banning are considered a political crime; there are many qualified lecturers lost their jobs and even detained for telling, “The banning is unfair and illegal in Chinese law”. The only way is to accept the unfair policy quietly. The Uyghur spoken and written languages, which existed for over a thousand years have now been put into danger of extinction.

The destruction of native environments has been harming Uyghur health and wealth. Uyghur health, related to the native environment, has never been a topic for the Chinese authorities to be considered. No research and statistics have been allowed. No suggestions have been accepted. The death toll of Uyghur babies might be highest in the world. Diverting Uyghur waters to the benefit of Chinese immigrants, destroying pasturelands for gold and other minerals, testing atomic and nuclear weapons, mass land reclamations, introducing to use poisonous chemicals for farming, pumping underground water excessively, poor management of industrial and domestic wastes are contributes to the deteriorating of Uyghur health. Many types of plants and native fruit trees, and wild animals and most of the birds have been got extinct in the last 20 years. The high official and the army personals are the people who have been “strengthening” their sexuality by wild animal and bird consumption for their needs for prostitutions and rapes.

Uyghurs are suffering financially. The central government controls the regions oil and other minerals and Uyghurs are not given any types of benefits. Instead, Uyghurs who have jobs in these areas have been sacked. The authorities, cooperating secretly with immigrants Chinese, have been selling the most profitable parts of Uyghur cities to immigrants Chinese cheaply. Uyghur real-estate properties which have good in value is forcibly taken away sold to Chinese migrants cheaply or given them free. From 2004 to present, the Chinese government invested huge some of money the development of Kashgar, but which benefits only to those Chinese immigrants. In this development Uyghurs lost their valuable land and houses. In 2005, in Kahsgar City two people were killed, when they refused to vacate their houses, by the bulldozers, which ordered to do so by angry authorities. The Kashgar was a typical Uyghur city, 10 years ago more than 90% of commercial properties belonged to Uyghurs, now Uyghurs are able to keep only about 10% of the commercial properties.

Mass change has been appeared in government offices in the proportionality of Chinese to Uyghurs, in political leadership, office workers in last 10 years as discrimination in employments has been getting very high. Only a few percentages of Uyghur University and technical school graduates are having been employed whereas the employment rate of Chinese graduates is a hundred percent, in Uyghur homeland.

In contrast to all other parts of the world, the life expectancy of Uyghurs decreased sharply in the last a few decades. Research in the area has not been allowed. In present days, very few people could live up to as many years as their forefathers did. Women are most vulnerable for early deaths as the forceful abortion, hard field and domestic work and poverty affects their health. It is hard to find a family, in countries where most majorities of Uyghurs live, who has not lost at least a child. There are many families who lost 9 of their 10 children with diseases, accident or execution and tortures. Most majorities of Uyghurs are farmers who are not able to obtain any government benefits in health. In the hospitals, Uyghurs are being experimented with their own expenses.

Uyghurs have not been able to obtain real freedom even in the most democratic western countries as the Chinese government has constantly been accusing them of links to terrorism and threatening their family members and relatives who remained in Uyghur homeland. Uyghurs are one of the most peaceful and tolerant people who peacefully demand basic human rights. The Chinese government should respect international and its domestic laws; it should respect Uyghur human rights and human dignity.

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bu nimangni uygurqa yezip koy

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bu nimangni uygurqa yezip koy

Hemmila narsini Uyghurqa yezipla koysa, senla okusang, senla ghajilisang, senla lalmilik kilsang bolidikanda?

Sen qat - alda yashawetipsen, nimishka til bolsimu ugunup koymaysen?

Meyli watan - millat azadlighi uqun bolsun, hettaki sening ghalqilighing uqun bolsimu English tilining asketip kalidighanlighini bilmamsen?

Hemmila narsa Uyghurqila bolsa, bashka millatlar - allar - haliklar - dowlatlar bizni bilmisa, yazghanlirimizni okuyalmisa, dal aksiqa maraz hitay aghzigha kalganni juylup, bizni pas - raswa - adam amas kilip taswirlap, turluk tillarda halikaragha juylisa bolidikanda?

Hey nadan, hey ahmak, hey .... Englishqa ugan, bolamdu?

bu nimangni Uyghurqa yezip koy --- dap kimga buyruk kiliwatisen?

Buni yazghuqi sening hotuning, balang, yaki kuy-oghulung yaki aqa - singlingning eri bolsighu shundak buyruk kilsang, amma buni yazghuqining sendak kara-kosak bilan heq alakisi - adawiti bolmisa, yana nimangga shundak buyruk kilisen? sen kanqilik nima? hu ....

Yasahwatkan dowlitingdikilarning sanga kilghan atidarqilighigha, bergan nenigha, adimigarqiligiga bolsimu yuz kelidigan ish kilay, tuz korluk kilmay, adam bolay .... disang til ugan, agar sening ugan`gan tiling bilan, bu tordiki Englishqa muwapik kalmisa, andin qiraylik - adaplik - ahlaklik - utunush bilan torgha Uyghurqa tarjimisini berish hakkida takliwingni barsang bolidu, bildingmu ahlaksiz?

bu nimangni uygurqa yezip koy ---- bundak Buyrukwazlikni, qongqilikni, yoghanqilikni az kil, agar akling bolsa ahlaklik bol, kandak?

Agar bu torda sen okuyalmighan shundakla mohim Englishqa, Hitayqa, Yaponqa uqurlar bolsa qiraylik taklip bilan Uyghurqilashturushni sorisang, men darhal kiliwatkan mohim - jiddiy ishlirimni wakitlik tashlap koyup bolsimu sanga haksiz - darhal hizmat kilimen, millatka - watan`ga hizmat kilish mening ang akalli buruqum dap karaymen, kandak?

Agar bashka mushkilatliring bolsa, undakta manga e-mail kil, agar taklip - talap - arzuliring millatka - watan`ga ziyanlikla bolmisa, andin hizmitingga men haksiz tayyar, kandak?

Yekindin buyan bir kisim adamlar mening telephon nomerimni, adresimni, hettaki shasiyitimni sorap kop e-maillarni kildi, amma men tehi kurmigan - bilmigan birsiga mana al dap hemmini tashlap beralmaymen, shunga undak talapni kilma, HALAS !

Tarim Yilpizi


bu nimangni uygurqa yezip koy

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bu nimangni uygurqa yezip koy

Etrapliq Yahshi maqale iken. Tarim yilpizi bu maqalini korelmigen wijdansizgha jayida jawap beripsiz.

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Tarim Yilpiz barmu siz dayman?