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China Bounder
03-09-06, 15:53
"Net hunt for immoral foreigner"

By Jonathan Watts, The Guardian
Aug 31, 2006


CHINESE Internet vigilantes have started a hunt for a self-professed British bounder who has been blogging about his seduction of women in Shanghai.

The campaign to uncover the blogger's identity and have him kicked out of China is the latest in a series of online denunciations that have drawn comparisons with the humiliations inflicted by mobs during the Cultural Revolution.

Traffic on the 'Sex and Shanghai' blog has surged from 500 hits to more than 17,000, thanks to a swarm of castration threats, anti-British rants and attacks on women who sleep with foreigners.

The author, who calls himself Chinabounder, introduces himself as a wastrel, "lacking in moral fibre, but coping with the situation". According to the posts, he is an English language teacher at a university.

Questions to the author went unanswered, and his claims could not be confirmed, but they have nonetheless stirred outrage.

The campaign against the blog was launched on Friday by Zhang Jiehai, professor of psychology in the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences under a post titled, The Internet Hunt for an Immoral Foreigner.

"I have something to tell Chinese men: please think about how these foreign trash have dallied with your sisters and made fun of your impotence," he wrote. "This piece of garbage must be found and kicked out of China!!!"

Encouraging "netizens and patriots" to investigate the people and the places mentioned in the blog, he set a goal of expelling Chinabounder by October 1.

More than 1500 people are now visiting Prof Zhang's site every hour. "Trial by virtual lynching has become the norm in China's cyberspace," Raymond Zhou wrote in China Daily after previous mass campaigns.

Chinabounder condemned the campaign against him, saying many expats and local men were no different to him.
The offending blog has been blocked, or rather is now invite-only.

It caught the attention of Shanghai Academy of Social Science psychology professor Zhang Jiehai, who became infuriated by its portrayal of Chinese women as sexual play-things and Chinese men routinely ridiculed as "dull" and sexually incompetent. (Guardian)

One angry Chinese reaction:

(Translation of) what Prof. Zhang Jiehai says in his blog: -

Today, with tremendous anger, I will tell you the story of an immoral foreigner and I call upon all Chinese compatriots to get together and kick this immoral foreigner out of China.

This is how it is: Several days ago, a friend told me about a blog run by an English man in Shanghai. I read it and I was shocked, angered and disgusted ... after I read his blog, I had only one idea: This is intolerable and this piece of garbage must be found and kicked out of China!!!

In his blog, he used extremely obscene and filthy language to record how he - a foreign language teacher in Shanghai - used his status as a teacher to dally with Chinese women, most of whom were his students. At the same time, he did everything that he could to insult, debase and distort the Chinese government and the Chinese men.

His blog began this way to describe his life in Shanghai: "Therefore, you see, I was with Star on Saturday and I was with Yingying on Sunday. In between, I contacted Cherry via MSN, I telephoned Rina and I used SMS to flirt with Tulip. I send Susan an email to flirt with her, and I professed my love to Wendy on her blog."

This piece of garbage openly declared in this blog that he was only dallying with these female Chinese students. He said, "We don't talk about love, we don't talk about marriage, we don't even talk about being together."

Once, he was even shameless enough to say, "I 'm tired of her already. A cunt is a cunt. I keep her just so that I can play with her again."

This piece of garbage's favorite show is to use obscene and pornographic language to describe the bodies of Chinese women and how they made love.

For example, "My dearest Tingting, you have a very good and beautiful body. I cannot stop thinking about your beautiful skin, your lovely, smooth and soft breasts, you sexy, smooth and fine waist, your sweet and pretty legs and arms ... oh, of course, you are so pretty, so sexy and so perfect between your legs!"

This piece of garbage is very narcissistic. In his writing, all Chinese women will tell him abashedly before they take off their clothes in front of him for the first time: "My breasts are too small."

When he takes off his pants, all the Chinese women will say in awe: "Your dick is really big!" Even if she is a virgin and this is the first time, she will say that too.

Tingting is a married woman. In the piece of garbage's description of dallying with Tingting, he does not forget to frequently make fun of Tingting's husband and then he pointed out that all Chinese men cannot satisfy Chinese women.

In his words, the Chinese men not only have low sexual potency, but they are also incredibly ugly. One time he used three "dulls" to describe Chinese men ("Chinese men are dull, dull, dull).

He said that Chinese women can usually understand his compliments, but the Chinese men often do not ("China Man, generally, is not"; note that "China Man" is a derogatory term for Chinese people).

He used an example to say that when he tells a Shanghai woman, "I can tell that you are a Shanghai woman" and this Shanghai woman will understand that it was a compliment that shows that the woman is modern and fashionable.

But when he once said that to a male student in class, "Are you a Shanghai man?" the student asked him in return, "How did you see that?"

Therefore, he concluded, "This goes to show what a stolid and unimaginative fish China Man can be" (note that once again he used the colored term "China Man" to refer to Chinese men).

From this, we can see how ignorant this piece of garbage is. All Chinese people know that to tell a Shanghai person that he looks like a Shanghai man is not to compliment him. On the contrary, it is probably a compliment to say that he does not look like a Shanghai man.

Ignorance will not stop him from bullshitting. He said, "All of the misfortunes in China are blamed upon someone else. China always has to find someone else to blame. It is the same from the national chairman to the ordinary people.

Generally speaking, Chinese people are completely ignorant of their society and they are uninterested in learning about it."

This is risible! This is so risible!

But what makes it intolerable for me is that this piece of garbage deliberately hurt the feelings of the Chinese national feelings in his class and he openly spoke to divide China.

As everybody knows, on the 15th of this month, Japanese prime minister Koizumi will visit the Yasukuni Shrine once more and thereby draw strong protests from China and many Asian countries.

But this piece of garbage openly wrote on his blog on August 17 to denigrate the nationalistic feelings of the Chinese people!

He wrote: "I can understand the anger of the ancestors of these Chinese students. But they have never been hurt by the Japanese." He mentioned that in a Tongjie University class, he asked a student, "It's been sixty years already. Why are you so angry?"

He said that on one hand, it is the result of the Chinese government manipulating the emotions of the people; on the other hand, he also said, "China loves its pain; dancing with their pain is romantic to the Chinese."

The whole world knows that Germany has done better than Japan on reflecting on the war. But an American Jewish professor friend of mind will not use any German products. Sixty years have gone by.

Why couldn't he forget? Perhaps this was due to the manipulation of his emotions by the American government?

In the essay "The two fatal flaws of the Chinese people," I praised the Israelis for "hunting down the Nazis" at all costs and then finally sending them to hang on the Israelis' own gallows.

If a small nation can do that, then what has big China done? If the Chinese people can deal with the Japanese militarists like the Israelis dealt with the Nazis, the Japanese would have apologised to us a long time ago and they would not dream of going to any Yasukuni Shrine.

So that was how this piece of garbage criticized the Chinese people for over-reacting. This piece of garbage seemed to have forgotten that his home country once suffered under the Nazi bombings.

For this reason, I am making a solemn call here: Let us learn from the Israelis and let our compatriots act together on this Internet hunt to find this foreign trash until we kick him out of China.

He even dared to openly engaged in activities to divide China. For example, he once asked a student from Xinjiang: "Is Xinjiang really a part of China?" At the same time, he told his students any number of times: "Taiwan is really an independent country."

Conversely, I have to say that I must thank this piece of garbage. I thank this piece of garbage for writing out his experiences and thoughts so directly. For the Chinese women as well as the Chinese men, this is lively and hard-to-find education material!

What is his assessment of the Chinese women who offered themselves to let him satisfy his sexual desire? He wrote: "These girls are all easy girls. 90% of the men on this planet will take advantage of them."

A netizen asked him, "You take advantage of these naive Chinese girls. Don't you feel disgusted with yourself?" He replied: "Of course it is disgusting. But it is a lot of fun for me, just like it is a lot of fun for the millions of men like myself."

He said frankly that he thinks China is paradise. He said, "I also think about the people - such as myself - who live this type of decadent life, but this is not a grave mistake. We treat this place as paradise."

In order to illustrate how common the phenomenon of foreign men dallying with Chinese women is, he offered an example: "He was once eating at a restaurant and there were some foreign men and women at the next table.

He accidentally overhead one of the men boasting to the others about how many Chinese women he has dallied with, including three at the same time."

He gloated: "It is very difficult for western women here. Someone like me will not even glance at a western woman. I treat them as if they are invisible. They don't exist."

Why? He explained that there are two reasons. "First, the western women are too smart and heady, and they will never believe in our bullshit. They know only too well what we are made of. Second, it is sex. Chinese women are sexier and more attractive than western women."

This undisguised disclosure of the mind is too shocking! Chinese women, have you all read this!?

On one hand, as a scholar and a man, I have relentlessly and directly criticized Chinese men, because I am one of them. On the other hand, I have always been reticent with respect to Chinese women, which included our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

But after reading this piece of garbage's blog today, I must ask these Chinese women, "What is the matter with you?"

I know that many of you don't understand what it is like outside of China and you don't realise that there are such pieces of garbage among foreign men.

Amongst all this, there is one girl who heard that this piece of garbage mentioned that he has a blog and suspected that he has other girls; so she found this blog through some Internet searches and read how the details of her lovemaking with this foreigner has been told to the public.

And she also finds out that the foreigner does not love her. Meanwhile, none of the other women know about this.

I can understand that some women do this for the money and others do this in order to be able to go overseas. But, our female compatriots, when you make friends with foreigners, please always remember this: Are you willing to be the female star in a pornographic blog?

Do not let others play with your body first, and then with your dignity.

I also have something to tell the Chinese men: Please think about how these foreign trash have dallied with your sisters and made fun of your impotence.

Do you want to say that this is no big deal? Do you still want to treat the foreigners as important? Do you still quiver when you see foreigners? Please straighten out your backbones.

What a tremendous shame this has been!

What ever happened to the Chinese people today? Why do we elevate the English language so high?

According to professor Zhong of the Huadong Normal University, some Chinese elementary and secondary schools even require their students to sing the Chinese national anthem in English.

This type of popular sentiment objectively creates a huge demand for foreign language teachers.

Precisely because of this huge demand gap, many educational departments and organisations lower their requirements for the foreign teachers, sometimes with even no requirements as long as the person is a foreigner.

Due to the low threshold, a large number of foreign trash who cannot survive at home come to China.

This piece of garbage admits in his blog: "Foreign language teaching is something that a westerner who has no skills or unwilling to do anything else can do. In China, there are many good and caring foreign language teachers, but there is also a large number like me (garbage)."

In western countries, a teacher is a respected professional, especially in universities. This is not something that anyone can do. Therefore, many foreigners who don't understand the Chinese situation are surprised.

How can a piece of garbage who cannot find any employment at home come to China and become a teacher, even a university teacher. What kind of country is China?

Especially this piece of garbage, who is in the business of an engineer of the soul, and the engineer of the soul of our elites!

I am a researcher in psychology. There is only one reason why this piece of garbage would meticulously and laboriously write out his bedtime dalliances, and that is because he is a pervert. We ask whether such a pervert can be a teacher? And he claims to be a university teacher, at Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Tongjie University and Shanghai Foreign Studies University.

The Chinese women that he dallied with are his students. Outside of China, relationships between teachers and students are strictly prohibited. But this piece of garbage used his status as teacher to deceive his inexperienced female students. We ask how such a beast can be a teacher?

He deliberately disseminated speeches to divide China and he denigrated the nationalistic emotions of the Chinese people. He said that Chinese men are sexually impotent, and they are made from the same mold of unmatched dullness. He said that the Chinese people know nothing about their own society and history. We ask how such a megalomaniac can be a teacher?

Our relevant departments really ought to step in!

There are presently many Chinese compatriots, men and women inside and outside China, going to his blog to refute and denounce him. But I can tell everybody that the more attention that you pay to a pervert like this, the more active he will become.

There is only one thing to do and that is to kick him out of China. Compatriots, we can no longer let "the Chinese universities give him a livelihood, the Chinese women satisfy him and the Chinese men give him entertainment."

Here is our action plan: In order to kick this piece of garbage out of China, the deed must be carried out by the relevant departments in Shanghai. In order for the relevant departments to take action, the media must intercede.

My media friend tells me that the media needs a news "lead" in order to intercede.

Therefore, the first step is to create an opinion wave on the Internet to create a happening so that the traditional media such as newspapers and television can have a 'lead' on this matter. (Truncated)

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