View Full Version : There is not terror not attacks in china and East Turkistan foreigners are safty

25-12-15, 07:52
I am a Uygur from East Turkistan which is occupied by Chinese komunist parti in 1949. And changed name to Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region.
Chinese Guvrinment warned to Western tourists in China have been warned of possible attacks around Christmas in Sanlitun district, a popular shopping area and night spot of Beijing.
I would like inform you that is not true. There is no prove about this issue. By this massage Chinese government try to make panic for foreigners who are living in china. Or not to visit Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region. Becouse china did not like to visit any foreigners to Uyghur autonomous region There for they are try to Show uyghur people as a terörist. Uyghurs not terörist and not attack any foreigners but chine try to shows Uyghurs to world as a terrorist people.
Uyghur peoples heat Chinese governments unjust policy but did not heat any foreigners. And Uyghurs like to welcome foreigners to east Turkistan and like to show such is true of Uyghur life and how to percussion unjust of Chinese policy in East Turkistan.
Uyghur peoples are Muslims and cultural people not like do terror action and not like to attack to any foreigners. Only Chinese govrinment blams without prove that Uyghurs are terrorist.
All the Chinese waring message are not true and it is a propaganda of Chinese communist party to make panic to foreigners and to show Uyghur people as a terrorist. Also Chinese Guvrinment worry about make relation Uyghur people with weastren people who are most freedome and most human rights activitys.
I say welcome all foreigners to East Turkistan don’t worry about your life, you are been safty there. I am sure no thing will happend in china.
Abdulehed Türkistanli

25-12-15, 08:12

Menmu muxu hewerni kurup heyran kaldim, nahayti yahxi yezipsiz, mumkin bolsa muxu yazmiliringizni xu hewerlerlerning arkisidiki comemtar digen yergimu qaplap kuyung.