View Full Version : Stop Not the Battle For freedom

25-08-06, 22:30
Stop Not the Battle For freedom

by:Ajinur Uyghur Setiwaldi

Hear what I must say, hear it clear,
This fight it shall not stop, it is too dear.
Continue fights for freedom, forget not your rightly rights,
Persist the battle, start fights, live to the fights.
Lay not lazily for it will be your end,
Stand upon your two good feet, and raise your fist to defend,
Fight not upon yourselves, unite, become of one in power, and belief.
Now wake I say, wake your heart, rid the powerless sleep.
Shed blood, die if you have to, your life will not go without cause,
Then others, you, continue the fight then loss will not fallow.
It is only when you can stand up after your brother, to shed blood as he did,
It is then you are the true deserver of what freedom, the name you demand.
Continue as one for freedom, take the battle in hand.
United as a band, destroy the enemy, before you are destroyed.
Wipe away the tears your kind has shed,
Restore your past, break the chain that binds your kind’s true tongue,
And remember always your faith, your only belief in the one God.
And if the almighty wills it the God willing the battle shall be won.
Then my brother and only then freedom shall be ours…