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10-08-06, 09:48

Remembering and honouring Alim Yusuf

Alim Yunus, founder and one of the leaders of the “East Turkistan Allah Party” was executed by the Chinese government in the year 2000 July 19. Today exactly six years have past since this unbearable loss. The East Turkistan Information Center deeply regrets and is sorry for this tremendous loss. We would like to convey our condolences to his family and friends once again. Alim Yunus will be greatly missed by our entire nation. Today is not only the day we remember and honor him, but also the day for us to get inspiration and encouragement from his heroic life.

Alim Yunus was a hero and one of the brave solders of East Turkistan who dedicated his life to Uyghur independence and freedom. He was arrested in 1998 in the Chinese city of Xian and arbitrarly tortured by the Chinese authorities until his execution.
Despite the inhuman torture in the prison, he never abandoned his faith for Uyghur independence and left for us his fearless spirit, dying at the age of 28.

After the September 11 incidence, the Chinese government labeled all Uyghur political organizations as ‘terrorist” regardless of the nature and character of the Uyghur movements and organizations. On the one hand they try everything possible to portray the Uyghurs who fight for national liberation, freedom and self-governance as part of the ‘global terrorist conspiracy”, by constantly and deliberately confusing the national liberation struggle with Islamist fundamentalist organizations, on other hand they intend to cover their fascistic regime in East Turkistan by doing so.
East Turkistan Islamic Party was one of the Uyghur organizations that were primarily targeted by the Chinese government. All recent Chinese media is describing “East Turkistan Allah Party” as a “fundamentalist terrorist organization” and its members as “radical Islamist terrorists”
Unfortunately, this kind of propaganda of the Chinese Government is playing a very influential role in the international world; some international organizations are having doubts about the character of the “East Turkistan Allah Party”, even some of the Uyghur organizations and Uyghur politicians are avoiding to talk about the “East Turkistan Allah Party”.
As a consequence of this kind of negative environment created by the Chinese government’s slander, East Turkistan independence strugglers and organizations in East Turkistan are deeply disappointed.
In reality, the “ East Turkistan Allah Party“ is not a radical organization as the Chinese media describes it to the international world: as an organization whose aim is to eliminate all religions except Islam and who seeks to fight against people who have a different ideology than Muslims.
It is not difficult to see that the main goal of the “East Turkistan Allah Party” is to overthrow the communist Chinese regime and regain Uyghur independence, and justice in East Turkistan. For instance, there is a big difference in the Chinese media between before September 11 and after September 11 regarding the information about “Allah Party”.
The book titled “Ethnic Separatism is the Common Enemy of all Ethnics” published and distributed before September 11 by the Xin Jiang Uyghur so-called Autonomous Region’s Kashgar Party Committee’s unified action department and executive branch quoted one of the flyers of “East Turkistan Allah Party” and wrote the following:
The Allah Party is openly instigating students, workers, intellectuals, farmers and businessmen to organize small and large groups to set up meetings, to organize demonstrations and to go on strikes and encourages them to participate in various activities of this kind through propagandizing that the international world community will support them.
The book mentions the main goal of the “Allah Party” :
They mainly target our country and the communist system. Evidence shows that all the issues caused by them are not religious or ethnic issues, but are political issues. They are mainly targeting our government system, they would like to overthrow the communist party and establish their own government.
We could analyze easily the evidence above and conclude how distorted the Chinese government presents the character of East Turkistan political organizations to the outside world after September 11.
There is a another proof of the hypocrisy of the Chinese regime in the book which can be clearly seen in how they accuse the “Allah Party” by labeling them as an anti-American terrorist organization to the outside world and in how they propagandize inside China differently by saying that the “Allah Party” was established based on the principles of the western world lead by the United States.
For example, the following statement of the book completely contradicts the Chinese government’s accusation of the “Allah Party”:
Since spring 1995, under the influence of the westernized and split strategy of the western countries lead by United States, ethnic separatists massively developed ethnic separatist ideology and organizations….

In conclusion, the Chinese government always deforms the character of any kind of Uyghur organization to accuse them. Our nation never considers Uyghur organizations or individuals who are struggling for East Turkistan’s independence as terrorists or terrorist organizations. For the Uyghur nation, they are the freedom fighters and this is a fact. Because the East Turkistan independence struggle is not something that came to be after September 11, it is a struggle that has been constantly fought since almost one century and its goal has never changed. The East Turkistan Information Center calls all Uyghurs to bravely support Uyghur organizations and individuals accused by the Chinese government.

Abduljelil Karakash
President of the East Turkistan Information Center
Perhat Yorungkash
Director of ETIC - Uyghur Research Center