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07-08-06, 14:07
Towendiki xewerge kore, Kosovo bash ministiri Agim Ceku, Albaniyening 5 Uyghurgha siyasi panahliq bergenliki, Kosovoning musteqilliqini qolgha kelturushige tosalghu bolidighanliqi, yeni Xitayning BDT Xewpsizlik Kengishige daimi eza bolush supiti bilen Kosova musteqilliqigha qarshi belet tashlishidin ensirewatqanliqini eytqan.

Dunyada oz menpe'et hemmidin ustun turidiken.


Ceku-Berisha rift over Uighur Muslims

Tirana, 10:34

There have been misunderstandings between the Prime Ministers of Albania and Kosovo, Sali Berisha and Agim Ceku, over China's request for extradition of Chinese Muslims.

China urged Albania to extradite five Chinese Muslims (Uighur minority group), saying they are terrorists, not political refugees. The United States recently released the five men from its prison at Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba. They arrived in Albania recently seeking asylum.

The Albanian government has said it will process the men's asylum applications according to local and international law. That decision has upset China, which says the men were part of a separatist group fighting to create an independent Uighur homeland in Xinjiang province.

Tirana's daily Gazeta Sqiptare quotes Kosovo's PM Agim Ceku as saying the Bejing-Tirana rift could harm Kosovo status process. Ceku fears that China, which is permanent member of the UN Security Council, might veto any decision or hamper the status process.

Berisha, on the other hand, stressed that the United States voiced firm guarantees that there will be no problems over China's veto-rights.