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Statement on Chinese allegation listing the World Uyghur Youth Congress
On its “Terrorist List”.

Dec 15.2003

World Uyghur Youth Congress condemns the strongest possible term and rejects the allegation of China’s government that released on Dec 15th 2003, enlisting the World Uyghur Youth Congress and its former leader Mr. Dolkun Isa, to its “terrorist list” and asking for International Help.
China’s allegation listing the World Uyghur Youth Congress, Eastern Turkistan Information Centre and Eastern Turkistan Liberation Organization along with 11 individuals as “terrorist list” is based upon full deception, distortion and however, planned to eliminate the legal opposition of Uyghur democratic movement world wide by hijacking the global war on terror.

The World Uyghur Youth Congress has been formed in Munchen, Germany by the participations of more than 51 representatives of young Uyghurs from 19 countries on Nov 9-12, 1996 and, conducting and functioning its work with full democratic process and fair election.
World Uyghur Youth Congress has been one of the strongest opposition group to China’s rule over Eastern Turkistan in peaceful and democratic way and legally registered in Germany in 1997

In its first Congress which was held in Munchen, Germany on Nov 9-12, 1996, World Uyghur Youth Congress totally rejected the act of violence in any kind and adopted the all peaceful means by the approval of all Representatives of Congress to achieve its goal.
As its clearly states in the first paragraph of its Chapter, the “World Uyghur Youth Congress conducts peaceful and democratic activities to gain the basic human rights of Uyghur people in Eastern Turkistan including the rights of self-determination, by and in respect of UN Universal Human Rights Declaration, relevant regulations of EU Parliament, and Constitutions of the respective Countries where there is an Organizational Base of World Uyghur Youth Congress”.

Second Congress was held in Ankara, Turkey in 1998, and third was in Tallinn, Estonia in Nov 2000, despite the strong diplomatic obstacle of China’s Government.

Since 1996 of establishment, World Uyghur Youth Congress has been working very closely with Amnesty International, Non-Governmental Organizations, Members of European Parliament, respective foreign government officials and UNHCR missions overseas to disclose the gross and constant violations of Human Rights by the China’s authorities to Uyghur people, and provided the facts and suggestions to solve the tragic situation of Uyghurs in Eastern Turkistan under Communist Chinese rule.
Despite the blockages of China’s Authorities, World Uyghur Youth Congress, with strong coordination of the respective members of Amnesty International and missions of UNHCR, has successfully helped the settlement of number of Uyghur Refugees around the world and save them from execution by the brutal China’s regime.

Chinese allegations of listing the number of peaceful Uyghur Organizations and dedicated Uyghur individuals to “terrorist list” and ask for international help is once again a quick attempt to deceive international community for their evil purpose for complete silencing Uyghur opposition voice in both at home and abroad.
As a President of World Uyghur Youth Congress and on behalf, I am proudly announcing that, World Uyghur Youth Congress is open for any legal inspections by the Non-Political International institutions for its all activities since the establishment.

Number 7 secret document released by CCP in 1996 clearly states “to use all necessary means stop the Uyghur problem in Eastern Turkistan to be internationalized”.

Following the release of this secret report,

1-, Hashir Wahidi, the Chairman of Kazakhstan, Almaty based “Uyghuristan Liberation Organization” has been assassinated in his home in 1997. Perpetrators have not been found yet.

2-, Nighmet Bosaqov, the President of Uyghur Ittipaq (Union) based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan shot to death in front of his home in March 28th , 2000. Perpetrators have not been found yet.

3-, Emin Osmanov, the Chairman of Uyghur Branch of Uzbekistan Writers Union, based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, have been assassinated, and perpetrators have not been found yet.

4-, Ms. Dilbirim Samsqova, Chairwoman of Nuzugum Foundation, Alamty Based Charity Organization aiming to help Uyghur orphans, has been assassinated in July 2001, and again perpetrators have not been found.

World Uyghur Youth Congress strongly believes that, this is the serious acts of terror, conducted by the joint effort of state and local mafia groups to silence the opposition voice of Uyghur Organizations abroad. Coincidently it fits the descriptions of number 7 secret Document released by China’s government.

UN listing of unknown “Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement” to the international terror blacklist in Sep 2002, by backing of China, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and U.S.A, has provided to China’s government free hand to crackdown any peaceful Uyghur democratic movement on the name of “fighting against terror” by continuing endless “Strike Hard Campaign” against Muslim Uyghurs in Eastern Turkistan.

Today Uyghur people are desperately needs the help of International Community to ease the high level tensions caused by the oppressive policy of China’s government.
Uyghur People in Eastern Turkistan wants nothing more than the fundamental rights of human being to live and survive free from China’s iron fist.

Uyghur opposition group abroad, including the World Uyghur Youth Congress, using the privilege that has given by the International Law and Orders, continues to be the voice of the Uyghur People whose voice is banned and work together with the governments and non governmental organizations that respects the ultimate values of mankind, in order to restore the rights of self determination of Uyghur people in Eastern Turkistan in peaceful way. World Uyghur Youth Congress once again rejects any act of violence wherever it comes from.

Finally the World Uyghur Youth Congress calls upon the United Nations and respective international law institutions to put immediate pressure to Chinese authorities to halt producing distorted facts, and respect the ultimate demand of Uyghur people in Eastern Turkistan.

Mohamed Tohti

President of World Uyghur Youth Congress

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well written PR, except some spelling mistakes.
it highlites very crucial informations to remember.

appreciated for the poster