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03-08-06, 22:05
True Mother

by: Hajinur Uyghur Setwaldi

You are one of a kind,
Your tongue they cannot bind,
A method to make you stop they cannot find,
With your actions it is their hearts you grind.

You raise your voice and fist to fights,
Mother, is it you fighting for Uighur rights,
Your past you have pained without light,
But now you pain for us with all your might.

You shed your blood to save Uighurs in all,
You will nothing to stop you from stopping our fall,
We hear your clear, loud, and proud, we hear your call,
Mother we name you, mother of Uighurs in all.

China acts to bind your actions through your blood,
But you mother you surrender not many lives for your blood,
Act mother act to save your blood, and Uighur lives,
Mother there is only one name for you and that is your own.

Rabeye kadeer many call you,
We your people, you are true mother to us.