View Full Version : Need Your Help in Finding English Language Schools in USA

Erkin Sidick
04-01-05, 12:42
Dear all,

Recently, I am getting a lot of requests from young Uyghur students around the wolrd through www.UyghurScholars.org about finding low-cost English language schools in the USA. I want to put a list of schools at the web:


and need your help in gathering such information. If you know any US school that

1) Provides ESL program or Intensive English Program (IEP) for foreign students
2) Can issue I-20 Form for F-1 Visa application
3) Has low tuition, such as $1000 - $4000 per year

please let me know by sending me an e-mail to Erkin@UyghurScholars.org. I really appreicate your help.

Thank you very much in advance.