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28-07-06, 13:54
salam dostlar bugun saat 20 .30 da haber turk tv te sherqiy turkistan heqqide 2006.7 ay .28 saat 20.30 ok uygurlar

28-07-06, 23:52
Salam dostlar,

Just to mention that Turkey refused US plea to accept Uyghur Detainees from Guantanamo prison several times, I do not think it is Turkey's interest to help Uyghurs to lose profitable business with China. Even in Kayseri with strong Uyghur diaspora and Ulkucucar Chinese benefit much with their presence there,

Can anyone in Turkey dare to raise this issue and critisize the Erdogan government or you all only BS talkers...


29-07-06, 05:40
The question is, why doesn’t the United States itself accept any Uyghurs in the first place? The US government already confirmed that those Uyghurs are innocent. It is,of course, difficult to push others to accept Uyghurs while the US is not willing to accommodate any. After all, it is US that caused all this trouble.

29-07-06, 20:58
Guantanamo is the big embaressment for US, they wish to get rid of it. But the current administration cannot and won't accept them Uyghur detainees as refugees to US after telling to the world that "they are the worst human beings on Earth, bomb-makers and blood thristy killers" for so many years now. The question is that they are innocent (US says so), have no where to go. And for Turkey who position itself as a champion of defending interests of all Turks it is hypocratical to even run show on "Dogu Turkistan" topics on Turkish TV net.
My point is that when it comes to business interest Turks will be the first to sell us. And to that point it is understandable why Uzbek government sent Canadian Uyghur to Chinese prison. There is no friendship in the world but interest, it is sad but that how the world is

30-07-06, 03:51
oh well, it is not that Turks are selling us out. It is because WE are too weak to protect ourselves. You can't really blame anyone for anything in today's world. If someone helps you, great, you are lucky. But if not, it is fair destiny.
Turkey might not help Uyghurs in small things, but if one day Uyghurs can stand up and fight for their freedom, I believe Turkey will be the first conutry to support us. If we blame Turkey for not accepting our brothers, then we would have to criticize the US first for arresting innocent Uyghurs so long.