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27-07-06, 11:59
By Chen Xuelian
Special to The Epoch Times Jul 22, 2006

Most Chinese who lived through the Great Cultural Revolution cannot think of those days without shedding tears. The persecution and hardships the Chinese people endured at that time were unimaginable, but those days are not any more behind us than they were when Mao was still alive. A few of my own experiences during the Cultural Revolution shed light on the type of atrocities that are still occurring under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

My mother's hometown is in Xinjiang Province of China, which was once thought to be a remote borderland. The chaos of China's "Great Cultural Revolution" came like a flood in 1966, and at that time I was still a senior high school student. Yet, this movement led the way to the closure of all of China's schools. Unable to continue my education, I spent the majority of each day criticizing the bourgeoisie. It was soon thereafter that I participated in a nationwide campaign dubbed the "Great Linking Up," which was no more than students traveling the country to share their "revolutionary experiences."

At this time, the son of a resident of my mother's village came from Urumqi in Xinjiang to Beijing to participate in the "Great Linking Up." He made use of this opportunity to visit us and stayed in our home for several days. Although the Cultural Revolution was a campaign in which the entire Chinese population was persecuted, at that time my parents had not yet been targeted. So at that time our home environment was still relatively peaceful.

This villager told us with emotion of the horrors that had been taking place in Xinjiang. "The situation in the cities is a little better than that in the country," he said. "It is totally chaotic in Xinjiang, with infighting among various groups becoming very serious. Many people have already been killed." He then followed by telling us a story that left my entire family utterly shocked. He told us that in early 1950, to aid a frontier-support campaign initiated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a young surgeon from southern China came to Urumqi in Xinjiang Province and worked in a local hospital. By the 1960's he had become very famous and was reputed for his skill in performing operations and curing critical patients. With high prestige among the people of Xinjiang, he was dubbed "the best surgeon in Xinjiang Province." Despite his noble reputation and fine skill, he was unable to protect himself. Upon the eruption of the Cultural Revolution, he was quickly branded an "academic bourgeoisie reactionary" and was thereafter criticized every day. However, what he received was not simply criticism, but rather downright barbarism. One day, during a "criticism meeting", both his hands were publicly chopped off with a broadsword by the rebels, a group that specialized in criticizing those in power and potential bourgeoisie.

It is cruel and sick that both hands of a well-known surgeon noted for performing operations and saving lives were simply chopped off at will. Needless to say, after listening to the story, my entire family was shocked and dumfounded. Although I had not seen this surgeon's bleeding hands, my heart was bleeding. Forty years have elapsed, yet this story still lingers in my mind. Chopping off both hands of an outstanding surgeon would only happen in a CCP-ruled China. What crime has the doctor committed? In fact, he had only followed the CCP's instructions: He loved the "Party" and he loved his compatriots. He gave up his amenity and affluent life in his hometown in the south of the Yangtze River, and volunteered to go to the remote and cold Xinjiang to serve people there. Having devoted his youth and talent to the people in the frontier area, he was supposed to be respected and protected by the people and the government, but instead he was brutally persecuted. What he had suffered were miseries impossible for a human being to endure.

I used to think that this might had been an isolated incident, that policies made by the Chinese Communist authorities were good, and that it was their subordinates who engaged in illegal activities. But why did the many families of all my acquaintances encounter such hardships? Eventually, even my own parents could no longer shun the havoc caused by the Cultural Revolution. They too were brutally persecuted. My father was completely paralyzed and my mother suffered from mental disorders.

Almost forty years later, my heartfelt grievance still has not left me. Upon writing down these painful experiences, I could not resist shedding tears. I keep wondering why there are so many political movements in China and why the Chinese people encounter so many hardships and suffering.

After attentively reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I have come to a better understanding. I had wrongly presumed that policies made by Chinese Communist authorities were good, and that it was their subordinates who engaged in illegal activities. The fact is that the CCP itself is an evil party that turns the people into its enemies. It is a totalitarian party, a party that harms its people, and a party that kills its people. This evil party has continually caused its people to struggle against one another, and continually incited one group of people to hate another group of people. People were encouraged to take revenge against each other, and to fight against or even kill each other while the evil party sat quietly on the throne of dictatorship.

At present the evil party severely persecutes Falun Gong practitioners, and has even extended this bloody persecution to foreign countries. The party has not only incited hatred among overseas Chinese against Falun Gong practitioners, but even sent special agents to break into an overseas practitioner's house to beat him, threaten him, and steal his computer. The recently exposed crimes of the CCP's harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners are particularly horrifying. I believe the evil party has long been digging its own grave, because "those who commit wrongdoing are doomed to self-destruction."

I sincerely appreciate the work of the author of the Nine Commentaries. By reading the author's detailed and well-reasoned articles, the blinding fog that hung in front of our eyes has been removed, and our eyes are unveiled. Not only I, but also many others believe that only when the evil party's totalitarian control over China is ended can the suffering of the Chinese people be ended, can the surgeons have their hands unharmed, and can kind-hearted people free themselves from the fear of being imprisoned. Only then can we stop shedding tears when recalling the bygone, and only then will Chinese people genuinely stand on their own feet! I believe this day will be soon at hand.

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