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31-12-04, 00:56
The "Terrorist" Environment

It has started to be known, to the world, that the Chinese government's brutality towards Uighurs, the systemetic destruction of Uighur culture and its forceful take over of Uighur jobs and reale-estate properties in so called Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. However, its inhuman treatment to the Uighur native environment has not been much discussed. In actual cases, the native environment has been completely destroyed by the "Construction and Production Corps" which spread all over the region. Presently, the poor environment has been greatly affecting the health and economy of Uighurs.

1.The "Separatist" Trees

Various levels of Chinese governments, in Uighur homeland, have been spending huge ammount of money to change the native environment and creating "Chinese style" cities, towns and tourist spots and attractions. The natural and native environment of the north had completely been changed decades ago in response to the government's strategic plan which included mass government supported Chinese immigrants to the region. In the last a few years, the Uighur ancient cities such as Kashgar, Turpan and Hotan have not been spared to be obtained partly by their creators, the Uighurs. The beautiful and tough Poplar trees, lovely local willows, silver coloured sand dates, mulberry trees and red tamarisicks have been removed from the sides of the streets, school yards campuses, and even from the cemetries as they have scared the new Chinese immigrants to the region. Plants, which are not sutable for dry climate regin, have been taken from Chinese provinces taken over the natives. The result is wasting of enourmous water and energy whereas Uighurs are deadly need it for drink.

(will be continueing in the sub topics such as "Terrorist vegetables", "Separatist Houses", "Poisoned Fruits", "Terrorist birds" ect)

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