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17-07-06, 20:19
The tale of the prisioned Uighurs, the tortured Uighurs, the Fighting Uighurs of the past, and the present.

by: Hajinur

Escape was not possible in any manner expect death, no we could not run, we would stand and bear time. Within the midst of our foes we stood trapped, there was nowhere to scurry, it was clear their protracted slick rifles had us standing soundless and motionless. Their hideous bottle green boots with caked mud fallowed up to the recognizable brutal face of our enemies. The cap with its gold star against a scarlet piece of fabric labeled them communist, the small patch of red bearing five yellow stars labeled them Chinese, their stern, atrocious eyes named them foes.
They being the foes who where we?? Had the question been asked in the past of time I would not have been able to reply. But those times stood behind us now, now we know who we are, our past, our present, and we were willing create our future with immense caution. We can not sit knowing our identity with the portrayal of our foes in our eyes. We have to take action, we have to stand up for our humanly rights. We have to be able to answer ourselves; we have to declare to the world that such people as us, the Uighurs with a tremendous past, a horrifying present are willing to fight for a better future. We have to toss over the bind on our eyes, the wire on our tongues, and the clasp on our fists and prevent our fall, our destruction from the surface of earth.
We were of those who were willing to stand , to fight, so we kept our promise to ourselves. We tried. If I had had it my way I would call for unity, if we all united we could not be destroyed. The good of the world, our Turk brothers would hear and they would come to aid. But our people were a destructed self, they could not resolve. If I had it my way I would shout, scream, lecture to my people come toghter unite, find aide, and prevent your destruction. It was not in my way but we the some willing and those who aided us fought to cease this act of destruction. Not all our works included destroying our enemy with rifles, we wrote, we lectured, we spread our bits for people of the world to know. These actions hurt them as much as a bullet would, maybe more, for that they haunted us. For standing up for legal human rights we were captured it the midst of our foes.
We were taken prisoners, our crime: belief in righteously humanity, but that was not what they wanted the world to see as our crime, they took their wrongly actions and for their crime we were to pay. Now we were sentenced to a crime we did not commit. We terrorist? We murders? We killers? These acts did not portray us at all, did the world not see these were acts the communist government of china would take, and have taken.
We, we only tried to prevent the deaths of the future, the so many infants that the Chinese government murdered. Is the act of stopping terror, terrorism??
We paid the crime of the Chinese Government rotting behind bars. Those bottle green boots walked in each day into the ghastly dark cell and beat our bodies, bleed them, and hung them. They chopped our bodies piece by piece, sometimes stopping to question us one more, but we would not, and could not betray our helpless people, and the relief of life was not worth it. They threatened to kill our family members, if we did not betray for our own life. They hammered nails up our heals, they threw water upon our bare bodies and left us clothless during the coldest nights of the winter. They wounded every piece of our body, our heart more than ever. The Spread fires on us trying to scare us into betraying our people but, nay we were not being of tradery, we would not betray. Nor the endless pain of wiping, or the many jolts of electricity that shocked our bodies would fallow us to betray. Some did, but not us we were not of those who would betray. Even when they ended our lives in the most painful way, even when they murdered our entire families, we could not betray the Uighur people. We ended in painful way always one more excruciating than the other. But at least we died with honor, if the world didn’t see it, if our people didn’t see it, at least the almighty God did, at least we proved to him what humans we are. We who are the we I have been speaking of, it is we the people that was tortured, pained, we the people who fought, battled, pained for Uighur rights. If people like we still stand and exist and fight as we did then God willing Uighurs will earn humanly rights, freedom, and nationally Independence. This friend is the story of the prisioned Uighurs, the tortured Uighurs, the Fighting Uighurs of the past, and the present.